Dark Slinger

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This is like probably gonna be at least a 2 shot or 3 shot so yea. So Dr. Zola is still alive. I don't know how but he is so just go with it. Also trigger warning for gory descriptions and stuff like that. Sorry in advance...






Hail HYDRA...


It was movie day in avengers tower. Bucky, Nat, Clint, Tony and Steve all sat on the couches while Peter scrolled through Netflix to find a good movie to watch.

"Ooh! How about Sharknado? It's so dumb that it's funny!" Peter said as he clicked on the movie.

Tony, Clint and Nat groaned while Steve and Bucky looked confused.
"The hell is a Shark-Nado?" Bucky asked. Steve gave him the Captain Language stare.

Peter scoffed.
"It's a tornado with sharks in it!" He said bluntly. Steve choked on his tea while Bucky scrunched up his face.
"Who comes up with this." Bucky shook his head.

Peter shushed them as the movie began. No one understood the plot, but they did all enjoy how ridiculous the graphics and scenes were. Everyone took a liking to George and his stool, but he died so that was over quick.

It was around 3pm when the movie finished.
"Hey dad, I'm gonna go out on patrol okay?" Peter asked.
"Sure kid, just be back by 8 tonight." Tony replied. Peter nodded as he ran to his room to go suit up.

He came running back into the living room to his spider window that Tony designed.
"Bye uncle Clint! Bye uncle Steve! Bye uncle Bucky! Bye aunt Tasha! Bye dad!" Peter called out as he jumped through the window.

"Bye Spidey!" Clint called back.


It had been around two hours since Peter left the tower and he had stopped so much crime already. He didn't think he would last until 8 o'clock.

He stopped 6 muggings, 8 robberies, 2 hostage situations, got 4 cats out of trees, and helped 3 old ladies cross the street.

He felt so drained that he didn't think he could throw one more punch. He decided to head back to the tower and get an early nights sleep.

That thought hit the fan when he saw a big black van block the alley he was standing in. About a dozen men, all armed, came out of the van. Peter groaned. He really didn't have the energy to fight all these guys right now.

When the men started to charge at him, Peter used every ounce of strength he had left to fight back. Even if he was at full strength he didn't think he could take all these guys. He tried to get Karen to call Tony, but he kept getting hit and couldn't speak the command.

He fell to his knees, as his vision began to swirl with black dots. He was out of strength and had no way of escape now that the men had surrounded him with their rifles pointed at him.

When what Peter assumed to be the leader stepped out of the van, but gasped at the logo on his suit. It was a red octopus with a skull head. 'Crap.'

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