15 err... 5 year old?

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Peter woke up fairly early this Saturday morning. He hopped out of bed and slowly trudged down the hallway in his iron man pj's over to the kitchen.

When he got to the kitchen, he saw a glass of water sitting on the counter. Peter was so tired and lazy that he didn't see the label on the glass before he gulped it down.

Tony walked into the room and saw Peter standing beside the counter with the empty cup on it. His eyes went wide.
"Pete... did you drink that?" Tony said nervously. Peter nodded and let a yawn escape.
"Yea, that was some odd tasting water though." Peter replied.

Tony went into a panic.
"Friday get everyone up here!" He yelled. Just as Tony yelled that, Peter began to feel weird.
"Mr. Stark I don't-" but he was cut off mid sentence as he shrunk down to 3 feet tall.

A toddler Peter sat confused in a sea of iron man pj's while Tony went into a panic.
"Oh m god, oh my god, oh my god!" He said while pacing. At this moment Bruce, Steve and Bucky walked in.

"Tony? What's going- who's baby is that?" Steve asked. Tony tried to speak but couldn't. Bucky walked over and picked up baby/toddler Peter who just giggled and played with Bucky's hair.

"Aww he's cute." Bucky cooed. Peter got a grimace on his face.
"Pe'er no cute! Pe'er big boy!"
Everyone's eyes widened.
"Peter!?" Bucky exclaimed. Peter nodded and clapped.
"Yay goo job Buck Buck!"

Bruce rubbed his temples and looked over at the 5 year old hero, who was still playing with Bucky's hair.
"What happened?" He asked. Peter looked very focused as he tried to explain.

"Pe'er woked up an' come to ki'hen fo drin' an' saw cup. Pe'er drin' it."
Bruce and Steve looked confused but somehow Bucky understood this perfectly.
"What'd he say?" Steve asked. Bucky sighed.
"He said, he woke up and came to the kitchen to get a drink but he saw a cup on the counter so he drank that."

Tony looked at Bucky in what was almost awe.
"You understood that!?" Tony exclaimed. Bruce nodded and tickled Peter's tummy which resulted in more giggles from the little boy.
"Of course." He shrugged.

Bruce thought for a minute and then came up with a plan.
"Alright me and Tony are going to go to the lab and try and figure out a cure while Bucky takes care of Peter since he's apparently good with kids. Steve you go find anyone who might be able to help Bucky." He explained.

Bucky took off down the hall with Peter now on his shoulders. Peter was squealing happily as they ran down the hallways. Bucky stopped at the small quiet room Tony had installed in the tower and set Peter on the floor.

A few moments later Wanda came running into the room.
"Steve said there was a problem with Peter?" She asked. Bucky nodded his head and pointed to the small child rolling around on the floor.

Wanda immediately began cooing over the toddler.
"Awe he's adorable!" She said as she hugged the small boy. Peter freed himself and glared at Wanda.
"Pe'er no' ado'ble. Pe'er big boy!"

Wanda cooed some more but still nodded her head.
"Yes, I'm sorry Peter you're a big boy." She said trying not to laugh. She used her magic to bring out some blocks for Peter to play with.

Peter gladly played with the blocks while Bucky and Wanda watched him.
"You think he'll be alright for a minute while we go get some food?" Bucky asked. Wanda shrugged.
"I don't see why not."

They left the room, leaving the small superhero all by himself. Peter soon realized they were missing and stood up.
"Buck Buck? Wan'a?"

Peter than walked up the wall and realized he could stick to the ceiling. He figured this was the best way to look for his missing family.

He crawled over the doorframe (still on the ceiling) and ran down the hall upside down. He called out for Bucky and Wanda the whole time.
"Buck Buck! Wan'a!"

Wanda and Bucky were in the kitchen when they heard small footsteps and their names being called. They looked at one another with faces that said Uh Oh.

Peter came running into the kitchen on the ceiling while Bucky and Wanda panicked. This only caused the toddler to enjoy it even more.
"Peter come down right now!" Bucky said. Peter shook his head and continued running around.

Wanda tried to coax him with various goodies to come down but nothing was working. Suddenly Tony cane walking into the room. Peter saw him and immediately jumped off the ceiling and into his arms.

"Dada!" Peter shouted. Wanda and Bucky cooed while Tony was shocked. He knew the kid was in baby form, but did he just call him dad? Tony smiled down at the boy.

"Hey Petey, we found a cure for you." Tony smiled to the boy. Peter cheered at the fact that his dada was so happy even though he had no idea what about.

Wanda and Bucky whined.
"Nooo, we wanna keep baby Peter!" Bucky whined. Tony chuckled as he carried the small boy down to the lab.

It was an easy cure. All they had to do was get Peter to swallow a mixture similar to the first one he drank. Peter grew back to normal size and looked around confused.

"Man, I just had the weirdest dream." He said. Tony smirked at him and Peter put his head in his hands.
"Wonderful. Just wonderful."

Yay! I love writing about baby Peter! It's so much fun! I hope you all enjoyed this! Thanks for reading!

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