Can puppy eyes and curls melt a frost giant's heart?

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The Avengers, meaning Steve, Bucky, Natasha, Bruce and Clint, were all lounging around in Stark Tower on a lazy Friday afternoon. Peter was at school, Tony was in his lab and Thor was out shopping for pop tarts. Thor had also left Mjolnir back at the Tower.

They had no missions that day, or for the next few days, so they finally got some well deserved down time. They were all enjoying the quiet, until Peter walked into the room, threw his bag by the doorway, hopped onto the ceiling and sighed loudly.

Natasha rolled her eyes at the sight of Peter's dramatic entrance.
"How was school Peter?" She asked, knowing his attitude was about that.

Peter flipped off the ceiling and then laid on the ground before he answered.
"I don't know why that hell-hole exists."' He said as he threw his hands into the air.

Natasha and Clint let out a small chuckle while Steve's mouth gasped in shock.
"Language Peter!" He said.

Peter rolled his eyes.
"Sorry Uncle Steve."
"It's okay Pete, but why don't you like school?" Steve asked the boy.

"It would be easier to name the things I like about it, which is nothing." Peter exclaimed.
Bruce was laughing now too and Bucky chuckled as well. Steve just rolled his eyes.

Steve was about to come back at Peter when Tony burst into the room dramatically.
"Like father like son." Natasha whispered. The whole room lost it when they heard it and it took them a few minutes to finally calm themselves down.

"Listen up children," Tony said as he rolled his eyes, "we have a surprise mission from Fury."
Everyone groaned but went to go suit up. When Peter jumped up to go get ready, Tony stopped him.

"Sorry kiddo, no Spiderman on this mission. We need Hulk since Thor can't come, and I don't want you getting smushed." Tony said sternly.

Peter tried to protest, but a hard look from his dad made him keep that thought to himself.
"Fine." He mumbled.

Once they were all suited up, they said their goodbyes to Peter and hopped into the quin jet.
Peter watched them leave and waved, until they were out of sight and he returned inside.


A few hours had passed since his family left, Thor wasn't back yet, and Peter was bored out of his mind.

He had spent most of the time bouncing a web ball back and forth against the wall. He sighed and flopped down onto the couch thinking of something he could do to pass the time until his dad would be home and they could go spend some time in the lab together.

Peter decided to get up and go make himself some tea. He walked into the kitchen and boiled the kettle. Just as he was about to poor the water into his mug, he heard the elevator open.

'Oh Uncle Thor must be back.' Peter thought to himself. He finished making his tea, and he turned around to talk to his uncle.

When he saw who stood in front of him, he dropped his mug and it shattered on the floor. There was a skinny raven haired man, dressed in a green and black outfit with pale skin and green eyes.

The man looked at Peter with a confused expression on his face. Peter felt a dull tinge of Spidey senses in the back of his mind, like there was a threat, but not imminent danger.

"Who are you?" Peter asked the mystery man.
"I am Loki Son of Odin and God of Mischief." Loki introduced himself.
"Son of Odin? Are you Thor's brother?" Peter asked.
"Yes, unfortunately that big oaf is my brother." Loki replied.

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