Zoo Trip

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Peter Parker-Stark was the five year old son of Tony Stark and Pepper Potts. He wasn't as snobby as one would assume the son of stark to be. He was a kindhearted happy boy, who was grateful for everything he had.

Peter enjoyed being around his aunts and uncles as well. They technically weren't relatives, but Peter called them that because the avengers were almost always around.

Peter was very excited today, because his dad, a few uncles and him, were going to the zoo! Peter loved all animals, but especially spiders. His favourite zoo animal was the wolves, and he wouldn't stop asking when he could see them.

"Can we go see the wolves first Dad!" Peter asked.
"We're gonna follow the path and we'll end up at the wolves eventually Pete." Tony chuckled. Peter frowned a little but remained excited.

They pulled into the zoo parking lot and parked their car. Tony brought a family vehicle, not a sports car.

"Hey Pete, did you know uncle Steve is older than every animal in the whole entire zoo?" Clint teased. Steve rolled his eyes.
"That's so cool Uncle Clint!" Peter smiled.

Tony Steve and Clint took Peter up to the registration desk to get their passes. The worker seemed stunned to see three avengers standing in front of her. She handed them their passes with the shocked expression still on her face and they walked into the zoo.

"How about we go see the monkeys Pete?" Steve asked the jumping boy. Peter nodded and held onto Tony's and Steve's hands while Clint followed closely behind.

Everything was going great! Peter loved every animal he saw, while the others cooed over how adorable this little boy was. Everything was going great. Until a swarm of paparazzi came out of nowhere.

"Mr. Stark, can we get a picture with you and your son?"
"Mr. Stark, are you aware that you are supporting animals in captivity by attending this zoo?"
"Mr. Stark, why did you bring two avengers with you?"

More and more questions were being fired at the group. Tony tried to push through them, but soon felt Peter's little hand get disconnected from his. He saw Steve, and he wasn't holding Peter's hand either and neither was Clint. He began to panic.

When they made it through the paparazzi and security escorted the photographers away, the three avengers panicked a lot.
"Oh my god where did he go!?" Tony yelled.
"We'll find him Tony. Avengers, split up." Steve ordered. Everyone split up, trying to find the missing Stark.

Tony looked in all of the candy shops, but there was no sign of Peter.
Steve looked through all the exhibits they had already seen to see if Peter went back there. No sign of him.
Clint was running around looking, but had no clue where to look. Then it hit him.

Peter had been asking to see the wolves all day! Maybe he went there! Clint sprinted to the wolf pen to find a very scared Peter, hiding from a wolf inside the pen.

"Peter!" Clint called out. Peter looked over at his uncle with tears streaming down his face.
"Uncle Clint help!" He cried. There were no workers in sight so Clint hopped into the pen.

The wolves turned around and faced him.
"Peter listen, I'm gonna distract them and you run out okay?" Clint explained. Peter nodded.

"Hey big and ugly dogs, come get me!" Clint yelled. The wolves left Peter and chased Clint who was running around the pen.
"Peter go now!" Clint yelled. Peter sprinted out of the pen.

"Uncle Clint!" He yelled. Clint saw that Peter was out, and wasted no time in getting out. He shut the pen door and trapped the wolves inside.

Peter ran to Clint and sobbed into his arms.
"It's alright Petey, you're safe now." Clint whispered. Steve and Tony came running up.

"Oh Peter!" Tony sighed of relief. Peter ran to Tony's arms and Tony smiled at Clint.

When Peter stopped crying they left the zoo. Peter sat on Clint's lap the whole ride home. When Peter got home, he told his mom all about how his Uncle Clint saved him from being eaten by wolves. Let's just say, Tony isn't allowed to take Peter to a zoo without her ever again.

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