Baby Avenger

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This fic is based around the above post I saw on Instagram.

Peter Parker. 15 year old kid from Queens, New York. Lives with his aunt in their tiny apartment. Straight A student at Midtown High. Spiderman. The youngest avenger.

Peter Parker spent his weekends at the avengers compound, training with the worlds mightiest heroes. Today was a Saturday, and he had just finished a sparring session with Bucky.

Peter and Bucky sat at the large island in the kitchen while Steve cooked up some lunch.
"Avengers! Assemble in the kitchen for lunch!" Steve called. Peter chuckled. Steve loved using his slogan.

Everyone quickly trickled into the kitchen and took their bowl of pasta from Steve. They sat in a circle at the table as the news played in the background.

The table looked something like this:
Tony, Peter, Bruce, Natasha, Steve, Bucky, Sam, Clint, Wanda and Vision.
They ate in a comfortable silence until Friday interrupted.

"Sir, there appears to be some trouble downtown. I would suggest you, Mr. Rogers, Mr. Barnes, Mr. Angry Banner and Peter to assist." She said.

"Why us?" Tony asked her.
"Because you five are the strongest avengers available." She responded. "May I also suggest a divide and conquer plan?"
"Alright thanks Fri." Tony said.

The called out avengers went to go suit up while the others stayed behind. Bruce was really nervous since the big guy hadn't come out in a fairly long time. Before Peter anyways.

They raced downtown as fast as possible. When they got there, they saw a chaotic mix of screaming civilians and robots attacking them.
"I see why Friday picked us. Avengers, spilt into teams of two, me and Bucky, Peter and Bruce, Tony you go alone. Let's rip up some robots!" Steve ordered.

They all split up as Bruce and Peter ran to Central Park to take on the damages there.
"You ready Bruce?" Peter asked.
"Yes, just make sure the big guy doesn't hurt you. I couldn't live with myself if he did." Bruce said. Peter nodded to him and Bruce went green.

"Okay Hulk buddy! Let's go smash some robots!" Peter cheered. Hulk looked at Peter and tilted his head sideways.
"You avenger?" He asked. Peter nodded.
"You baby avenger. Hulk must protect baby avenger." Hulk insisted. Peter rolled his eyes under his mask.
"I'm not a baby! I'm Spiderman!"
Hulk shook his head.
"No you baby. Hulk need protect baby."
Peter sighed.
"Whatever let's just go smash the robots now."

They ran off and Hulk and Peter spent awhile smashing robots. Then Peter got an idea.
"Hulk! Let me get on your back and I will web these guys from higher up!" Peter said.

"Good plan baby avenger." Hulk said.
"I'm not a baby!" Peter yelled as he climbed up onto Hulk's back. With a few quick web shots, Peter managed to catch almost all the robots.

He climbed down Hulk's back and was facing the big guy. His Spidey sense didn't alert him in time, of the last remaining robot firing a gun at him. He braced himself for the inevitable pain, but was confused when it never happened.

He was wrapped tight between the Hulk's arms. Peter shot a taser web at the last robot and then looked back at Hulk, who was now sitting on the ground. He had a bullet hole in his arm that was spewing out green.

"Hulk why would you do that! You hurt yourself!" Peter worried. He knew the bullet would have probably killed him if Hulk didn't step in, but that didn't stop him from worrying.

"Hulk protect baby avenger." Hulk said. He spread out his arms and Peter leaned in for a hug.
"Thanks buddy." Peter smiled when Hulk let him go.

"Hulk will always protect baby avenger. Hulk doesn't want baby avenger to hurt. If someone hurt baby avenger, Hulk will hurt them more." Hulk said with a serious face and smiled at the last part he said.

"Thanks Hulk. We should get back now right?" Peter said. Hulk nodded and scooped Peter up.
"Come on Hulk I can walk myself!" Peter complained.

When they joined the others, Hulk set Peter down. Tony chuckled at the entrance.
"Aww how adorable Spiderman was carried to safety by the vicious Hulk." He teased.

Hulk glared at Tony and pulled Peter close to him.
"No tease baby avenger!" He yelled. Tony put his hands up in mock surrender.
"Well then, baby avenger, lets get back to the compound shall we? We need to get Bruce back." Steve chuckled. Peter rolled his eyes.

"Yea Whatever." He said and walked off. Peter turned around as he heard a female scream come from an alley near by. He looked back at Tony.

"I'll be right back." He said and swung off to the alley. There was a man trying to mug the petrified woman. Peter quickly webbed the guy up, but was surprised when the lady screamed again and ran away. 

"No running away baby avenger!" Hulk said as he stomped over and scooped Peter up again.
"Hulk put me down!" Peter squirmed but Hulk stayed firm.
"No. Baby avenger might run away again. Hulk will protect." Hulk nodded to himself.

Peter crossed his arms and let Hulk carry him back to avengers compound, while Tony, Steve and Bucky mocked from behind. When they arrived at the compound, Hulk took Peter into the Hulk-evator and went up to the common room.

The doors opened and when everyone laid eyes on the green rage monster holding the teen in his arms, burst out into laughter. Hulk didn't appreciate this.

"Stop teasing baby avenger! If anyone tease baby avenger again, Hulk will throw them out window." Hulk glared.

Everyone stopped laughing and just chuckled quietly. Hulk carried Peter to his room.
"Baby avenger stay here. Hulk go bring back puny Banner." Hulk said and stomped away.

Peter threw on some normal clothes and treated his minor bruises. He walked into the common room and prepared for the endless mocking. Bruce was still recovering from code green in his room.

"Sir, baby avenger has entered the room." Friday announced.


Awww this was so fun to write! I hope you all enjoyed this chapter! There won't be a part two to this since I have so many other ideas planned! Thanks for reading!

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