Dance Dance Infiltration

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No Ones Pov

After the opening, the first scene is of random students schmoozing at the dance. Bartholomew Oobleck is shown to be listening intently as Peter Port laughs over some unheard anecdote. 

"Do you think Peter still has a crush on Barty?" Tai asked suddenly causing everyone to stare at him in shock.

"What are you talking about Tai?" Willow asked baffled. 

"What did no one notice?" He question and everyone shook their heads causing a surprised expression to appear on his face. 

"Really? I thought it was super obvious" He said in surprise. 

"But Peter is so much older then Barty" Summer finally said to which Tai just shrugged. 

"Only by a few years" He said dismissively. 

Eventually everyone got over their shock and returned their attention back to the screen. 

Ozpin is standing off to the side with Glynda Goodwitch until General James Ironwood offers his hand for her to dance with him. 

"He's never going to give up" Summer said in amusement not noticing the dark look on Qrow's face. 

Jaune Arc approaches Ruby Rose, who is standing pensively near the refreshments tables.

Jaune: I see you're hiding at the punch bowl too.

Ruby: Yep. (An audible *pop* can be heard as Ruby emphasizes the "p".)

Jaune: To the socially awkward.

Ruby giggles and they clink glasses.

"They are just so cute" Summer giggled. 

"I wouldn't laugh Short Stack, that was us every dance" Qrow drawled causing Summer to blush while everyone else laughed. 

Ruby: Sorry things didn't work out with Weiss.

Jaune: Meh, it's fine. Neptune's pretty "cool". I get why she went with him.

Ruby: What do you mean?

Jaune: Well, come on, not many people can pull off blue hair.

Jaune begins to drink his punch.

Ruby: No, I mean, Weiss came to the dance alone.

"What?" Willow said baffled. 

Jaune chokes in surprise.

Jaune: (turning to Ruby) Uh, what?

Weiss Schnee is shown trying desperately to coax life out of a wilting white rose. When she fails, she looks visibly upset.

Ruby: Yeah, she said that she had too much to focus on to worry about boys.

"But we saw her ask Neptune" An said baffled.

"I guess he turned her down" Summer said sadly.  

Laughter draws Weiss' attention to Sun Wukong, Blake Belladonna, and Neptune Vasilias as the latter entertains the others with some impressions and other silly faces. Jaune, shown to be observing as well, becomes visibly perturbed.

"Oh someone's angry" Qrow said faintly in amusement. 

Jaune: (speaking in a low growl) Hold my punch.

Jaune hands Ruby his glass and no sooner than he vanishes from sight does she choose to drink from his cup. 

A few people snickered at this. 

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