Burning The Candle

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No Ones Pov

The opening ends to the view of a glum Ruby resting her head on her hand and staring into the distance 

"She is really worried about Blake" Summer said sadly.

"She obsesses over other peoples happiness  just like you Short Stack" Qrow said in amusement causing her to pout childishly which made everyone laugh. 

before she's startled by someone slamming their palms on the table she's at.

Weiss: (smiling) I need you to pick a tablecloth. (slides two squares over to Ruby, both seeming to be similar shades of white)

"Aren't they both the same?" Tao asked baffled. 

Ruby: (confused) Aren't they both the same?

Everyone snickered at this while Tai gaped at the screen. 

Weiss: (sighs in frustration) I don't even know why I asked!

Weiss walks out of the scene as Yang comes in carrying a massive sound speaker on her shoulder, 

"Damn she's strong" Qrow said impressed. 

which bounces her sister and the table she's moping on again to jump in the air when she drops it on the ground.

Yang: (brushing her hands as she approaches Ruby) So, have you picked out a dress yet?

Ruby: What's the point? Who cares about the dance if Blake isn't going?

Yang: Oh, don't worry; she's going. 

"She sure seems confident" An pointed out. 

(looks over off-screen, exasperated) Weiss! I thought we agreed: No doilies!

Weiss: (walks up to Yang, pointing in her face) If I don't get doilies, you don't get fog machines!

"No not the fog machine! How could you even think about not including it you fiend!" Tai said dramatically as he leaned onto Qrow's shoulder causing said man to roll his eyes and push him off of the couch. Tai shot him a small glare to which he just smirked. 

The girls are interrupted by the sound of doors opening.

Neptune: (walking in with Sun) Your dance is gonna have fog machines?

Weiss: (stepping up to him, becoming sweet) We were thinking about it...

A few people snorted at this. 

Neptune: That's pretty cool.

Sun: (coming into the scene, acting suave to Weiss' ire) You ladies all excited for dress-up?

Ruby: Pfft... Yeah, right!

Yang: Laugh all you want. I'll be turning heads tomorrow night!

Tai's eyes narrowed at this causing his team to roll their eyes at him. 

Weiss: (addressing Sun and Neptune) What are you two wearing?

Sun: Uuhhh... this? (gestures to his current shirtless outfit)

Neptune: (steps up and holds a hand in front of his friend's face.) Ignore him for he knows not what he says.

Qrow snorted at this. 

Sun: (knocks Neptune's hand away) Hey, I may have moved to Mistral, but I grew up in Vacuo. It's not exactly a shirt-and-tie kind of place.

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