New Challengers...

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No ones Pov

After the opening, the scene starts on the familiar shot of Team JNPR readying themselves against their opponents in the Amity Colosseum, the mountains to their back and forest on the other side. A large holographic screen counts down with Peter Port over the crowd's cheering.

Port: 3... 2... 1...

Jaune: (raising his sword) Come on guys!

Port: BEGIN!

All four members of JNPR charge forward, but only three fighters from BRNZ do the same; the beanie-wearing May Zedong turns around and heads into the trees, cocking her weapon. 

"Of course they have a sniper" Qrow muttered as he shook his head. 

In the center of the field, leader Brawnz Ni delivers a knee kick to Pyrrha Nikos' shield that sends her skidding back, right before she blocks the claws on his fists with her xiphos. 

Summer and Qrow perk up slightly at the cool weapon. 

She jerks her sword away and makes him leap back, just as the sniper jumps up into the branches of the forest with the bladed butt of her sniper rifle. Lie Ren readies his StormFlower to attack Nolan Porfirio, who almost gets blindsided by Nora Valkyries swing with Magnhild before he ducks under the attack and attempts to hit her with his cattle prod. The sniper girl finally takes aim from her spot and manages to fire off two rounds near Ren, destroying the rocks behind him. Jaune manages to block the buzzsaw gloves of Roy Stallion with his own shield before he notices the bullets flying and sees the glint of the gun in the leaves.

Jaune: (wide-eyed and stumbling over his order) R-R-Retreat!

"This is going to be tough they are all almost exclusively melee, so taking out that sniper will be difficult" Tai remarked earning a few nods of agreement. 

Ren glances back at his leader as a shot hits the ground by his feet. He and Nora start running back into the mountains as Jaune and Pyrrha cover their escape by blocking the bullets with their shields. The four leap over a rocky outcropping for cover.

Pyrrha: (to Jaune as projectiles keep coming overhead) What do we do?

Jaune: (looking over the edge to see the melee fighters closing in) Spread out! Try to keep moving! (his team follows this just as Brawnz lands a punch on Jaune's shield)

"Good, constant movement will make it harder for the sniper" Ghira said as he nodded in approval. 

May gets even higher in the tree and smiles from behind her scope as she looks at the fight below. Brawnz and Pyrrha continue to duke it out while Nolan slowly advances on Ren when he slides into his path. The prod-wielding warrior looks back at the trees and nods to his hidden ally, who shoots at Ren's feet again and makes him jump around trying to dodge them. 

An tensed worriedly slightly. 

Just as he lands, Nolan hits him upside the head with his weapon and is able to miss the retaliatory kick with another blow to the knee and a final hit to the chest using the business end of his prod. Electricity shoots through Ren's body before he collapses to the ground beside his childhood friend.

"Lie!" An shouted worriedly. 

Nora: Ren!

Scowling, Nora takes a swing at Nolan, who promptly dodges it and again unleashes his weapon's power into her corset, though this causes a quite different reaction from the grinning redhead.

"What?" Willow questioned in confusion while a few peoples eyes widened. 

Port: (speaking from his spot on the giant hologram screen overhead with Doctor Bartholomew Oobleck beside him) Oh-ho! Looks like one of my favorite students, Nora Valkyrie, is charging up to use her Semblance!

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