Forever Fall Part 2

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No ones pov

The opening ends to Jaune Arc getting pushed to the ground of Forever Fall right after the events of the "Forever Fall", groaning as he looks up and sees a sap-covered Cardin looming over him. The bigger warrior picks Jaune up by his front and grins while punching him back to the ground.

Everyone, even Raven, growled at the screen.

Cardin: "You know that wasn't very smart, Jauney boy." (picks up a bruised Jaune again while the rest of Team CRDL watches) "I'm gonna make sure they send you back to mommy in teeny tiny pieces."

Jaune: (head hanging back) "I don't care what you do to me..." (looks at Cardin with fury) "... but you are not messing with my team."

"That was cool" Tai commented and everyone nodded in agreement.

Cardin: (looking momentarily shocked) "What? You think talk like that makes you tough? You think you're a big strong man now?"

Jaune smiles in defiance.

Everyone cheered at this. A confident Jaune was an awesome Jaune, they could already tell.

An enraged Cardin roars and raises his fist again, but just as the hit connects, a bright light shines from Jaune, and when the white fades from the screen, Cardin is crying out in pain as he holds his hand.

"What?" Tai said in confusion.

Jaune, now back on the ground but completely healed, looks confusedly at his hands as they faintly glow white.

"His Aura" Kali piped up curiously.

While he stares, though, Sky Lark kicks Jaune in the back and gets him on his stomach, but he looks up and glares at the approaching Cardin.

Cardin: "Let's see how much of a man you really are..."

Just as he says this, a low growl is heard, and a surprised Team CRDL turns around and sees a large paw crash onto the scene, belonging to a huge Ursa Major with dozens of jagged spikes sticking out from its wide back.

"That's not good" Ghira commented.

It leaps forward and stands over the terrified students, lifting its head in the air to smell the sap on Cardin's breastplate. It lands back on its forelegs and roars at Cardin while his teammates heroically flee.

Russel: "That's a big Ursa!"

"They just left" Summer said in shock while everyone else turned to look at her.

"I mean I know he's a jerk and all, but his team just left him to die" She said feeling kinda sympathetic for the guy, which was an emotion mirrored by everyone else.

Cardin is rooted to the spot when the Grimm swings its claws and knocks him sideways, revealing Jaune cowering behind him. The Ursa continues to sniff, uninterested in Jaune and following its nose to Cardin. He watches at it towers over Cardin, who gets his wits and pulls out his mace weapon only for the monster to swipe it away to Jaune's feet. He looks conflicted, wondering whether to fight or run away.

"He'll stay and fight, he's to good of a guy to leave him behind" Qrow said and everyone nodded in agreement.

Meanwhile, the roar of the giant Ursa is heard by the members of Teams RWBY and JNPR, still collecting sap on the other side of the forest.

Ruby: (getting up, concerned) "Did you guys hear that?"

Suddenly, the remaining members of Team CRDL are seen running the other way from the roar through the other students.

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