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I am incredibly sorry for the very long hiatus, I was at a bit of an impasse on whether or not I wanted to continue this story which is funny considering how much I wanted to write this when I first started. I guess I'm not as big of a fan as when I first started and that contributed to my lack of inspiration for this story. But I still do enjoy the show and I do want to continue this story so I am going to try and keep updates at least somewhat regularly. Don't worry I'm not abandoning this story anytime soon, so with that said I hope you enjoy this chapter. 

Also on a different note, I have been informed that the end credit scene in this episode was officially labelled as none canon so I have chosen not to included. Sorry for anyone who was looking forward to it. 


No One's Pov

Jaune Arc is sleeping during the night inside Team JNPR's dormroom.

Jaune: Waffles...

A few people chuckled softly at this. 

Jaune suddenly wakes up to a call on his Scroll, with the ringtone "It's a Big Ursa!" playing.

Jaune: Hello?

Jaune hears noise for six seconds from Ruby's Scroll before the call ends.

Jaune: Uh, Ruby?

"So her call did kinda get through" Summer commented softly. 

"That might make Jaune more on guard for what's to come" Qrow supplied gaining nods of agreement from the others. 

Later on, Team JNPR walks at dawn towards their Bullhead.

Pyrrha: I'm sure they're fine.

Jaune: You think?

Nora: Probably a butt dial...

A few people snickered in amusement at this. 

Ren: Team RWBY has always performed exceptionally in the field. We should be focusing on our own mission.

Nora: We're gonna be deputies!

Jaune: I just got this feeling... I don't know.

"He's got good instincts" Ghira commented and the others nodded in agreement. 

Pyrrha: Jaune...

Suddenly, alarms ring out as they see the city up in smoke.

Jaune: We're changing our mission. Everyone on board!

Everyone nodded approvingly at this, Jaune really had what it takes to be a leader. 

As the team heads toward their Bullhead, Jaune does a headcount.

Jaune: Ren, we'll make it to that village another time. 

"Do you think that the village has a special meaning to him?" Kali questioned curiously causing An and Li to share confused looks, why would a village in Vale have any significants to their son? 

Take us into the city!

As the Bullhead takes off, Mercury Black, Cinder Fall, and Emerald Sustrai watch nearby.

Emerald: You don't think...

Mercury: Sure looks like it.

Emerald: That's still days away!

Mercury: So? What do we do?

The camera pans to a close-up of Cinder's face, before she makes her decision.

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