Painting The Town...

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Sorry for the wait, some thing s came up and I didn't have the focus to write this chapter. But I'm back now and updates should hopefully be much more regular. Also I added a few hints that there might have been more to Roman than the evil crime boss, I probably won't go anywhere with  it but I really like Roman so I though i'd throw it in there. Anyways I hope you enjoy the chapter!


No Ones Pov

The next morning everyone had a quick breakfast, okay a two hour long breakfast because Tai thought it was a good idea to instigate a food fight. He ended up spending another hour cleaning up the mess while everyone else was having coffee in the next room. 

Once Tai was done his punishment, and Qrow was finished laughing at him, they once again resumed watching the future. 

The opening ends to the overhead view of where "A Minor Hiccup" ended: In the deserted alleyway with a graffiti-marked dumpster as Penny reveals her secret to Ruby.

Ruby: Penny, I-I don't understand...

Penny: Most girls are born, but I was made. I'm the world's first synthetic person capable of generating an Aura. 

"That's, that's really cool" Qrow said and Summer nodded in agreement. 

(Turns her head to the side sadly.) I'm not real...

Ruby: (Taking Penny's hands in her own.) Of course you are. You think just because you've got nuts and bolts instead of squishy guts makes you any less real than me?

A few people smiled softly at this. 

Penny: I don't... um... (Leans in close to Ruby's face.) You're... taking this extraordinarily well.

"Ruby's just cool like that" Tai said proudly. 

Ruby: You're not like those things we saw back there. (Taps her chest.) You've got a heart, and a soul; I can feel it!

Penny: Ooohh... oh Ruby (Grabs Ruby into a hug and shakes her back and forth.) You're the best friend anyone could have!

Summer cooed softly at this. 

Ruby: (Muffled groaning.) I can see why your father would want to protect such a delicate flower!

Qrow snorted at this. 

Penny: (Releases Ruby, fully back to her happy self.) Oh, he's very sweet! My father's the one that built me! I'm sure you would love him!

Ruby: Wow. (Giggles.) He built you all by himself?

Penny: Well, almost! He had some help from Mr. Ironwood.

Qrow frowned at this but chose not to comment on it. 

Ruby: The General?! Wait... Is that why those soldiers were after you?

Penny: They like to protect me, too!

Ruby: (Scoffs) They don't think you can protect yourself?

Penny: They're not sure if I'm ready yet... One day, it will be my job to save the world, 

Everyone shared a worried look at this. 

but I still have a lot left to learn. That's why my father let me come to the Vytal Festival. I want to see what it's like in the rest of the world, and test myself in the Tournament.

Ruby: Penny, what are you talking about? Save the world from what? We're in a time of peace!

Their worry grew. 

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