Players And Pieces

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No ones pov

The opening ends to the sight of Weiss Schnee and Ruby Rose hanging on to something very feathery and very fast, as evidenced by the loud wind and the two being blown sideways.

"Where are they?" An asked in confusion.

Weiss: (shouting to be heard) Ruby! I told you this was a terrible idea!

Ruby: (also raising her voice) We're fine! Stop worrying!

Weiss: I am so far beyond worrying!

Ruby: In a good way?

Weiss: In a bad way! In a very bad way!

Ruby: Well, why don't we just jump?

"What are you two on that you have to jump from it?" Willow asked worriedly.

Weiss: What are you? Insane?!

She is met with silence; Ruby has already disappeared.

Weiss: Oh, you insufferable little red-!

Qrow snorted.

Down on the ground in the Abandoned Temple, Blake Belladonna is still staring skyward and pointing for Yang Xiao Long to look up after "The Emerald Forest, Pt.2".

Yang: Blake, did you hear that? What should we do?

Ruby: (falling right towards them, finally getting Yang's attention) Heads uuuuuuuup!

Summer clasped her hands together worriedly.

Just as she's about to hit the ground panicking, Jaune Arc comes flying through the air and crashes into Ruby, knocking her off course and sending them both into a tree to the left of where Blake and Yang are standing. Ruby is dazed by the rough landing (as evidenced by the cutesy Beowolves and stars circling her head).

Everyone burst into laughter.

Ruby: Oohhhh... What was that? (the dizziness passes when she shakes her head)

Jaune: Eh-hem! (Ruby looks up to see Jaune hanging upside-down in a tree branch above her) Hey, Ruby...

"How cute" Summer gushed.

Blake: (back on the ground, looking at the tree) Did your sister just fall from the sky?

Yang: I...

Before she can continue, several crashing noises are heard in the forest ahead of them, and an Ursa comes out, claws swiping, just as a pink blast of energy hits it in the back and it crashes to the ground, depositing its rider.

Nora: YEEEE-HAAAAW! (rolls off of the creature's back, then gets up and groans, saddened)

"Was she just riding that Ursa?" Ghira asked baffled, which got shrugs from everyone else.

Awwww... It's broken. (she dashes onto its neck and observes the carcass as Ren comes up behind her)

Ren: (panting and leaning on the monster) Nora! Please... Don't ever do that again. (he looks up again and notices by the pink dotted outline of where his partner should be that Nora has run off again, and looks around frantically)

"You got to keep a constant eye on her kid or she'll disappear. Just like Short-stack" Qrow said in a serious tone of voice which caused Summer to roll her eyes and elbow him in the side in amusement.

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