The Badge And The Burden

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No ones pov

The opening ends to the window overlooking Beacon Academy from the new room of Team RWBY, panning over to Weiss Schnee sleeping soundly in her bed. Her eyes flutter open and she stretches her arms above herself, yawning, while Ruby Rose, dressed in her strangely-colored school uniform, creeps up on her side and suddenly blows a whistle, causing Weiss to fall off the bed.

Ruby: "Good morning, team RWBY!"

Everyone began laughing at this.

Weiss: (from the floor) "What in the world is wrong with you?"

Ruby: (ignoring the question) "Now that you're awake, we can officially begin our first order of business."

Weiss: (getting up and brushing herself off) "Excuse me?"

"I'm with Weiss, so much hyper actively so early in the orning is hard to process" Qrow said in a suffering tone of voice causing Tai and Raven to nod solemnly in agreement. Summer just pouted childishly at her team.

Yang Xiao Long: (holding a collection of objects - pillows, pamphlets, a candle-holder - in her arms, also dressed alongside Blake Belladonna) "Decorating!"

Weiss: "What?!"

Blake: (lifting her suitcase) "We still have to unpack." (the suitcase opens, spilling its contents) "Aaaand clean."

"Their not wrong" Kali said through her laughter.

Weiss does not look enthusiastic, especially when Ruby knocks her back again with the blow of her whistle.

Ruby: "Aaaalright! Weiss, Blake, Yang, and their fearless leader Ruby have begun their first mission!" (raises her fist into the air) "Banzai!"

Ruby with Blake and Yang: (doing the same at her sides) "Banzai!" (they turn at an angle as Weiss lays on the floor and upbeat montage music starts playing)

Their laughter returned. 

Yang places a poster of six guys in various poses named "THE ACHIEVE MEN" on her part of the room. Weiss positions the painting of the Forever Fall forest to perfection and walks away. Blake is busy putting away her books on the shelves, picking up a copy of Ninjas of Love and widening her eyes as she warily looks around before putting it back. Ruby positions Crescent Rose at an exact angle against the curtains so she can perfectly slash a diagonal portion off. A quick zoom around the room (and the repaired curtains) ends with the girls admiring their handiwork... with one problem. The beds are cramped together in the center of the floor.

"Yeesh! And I thought we were cramped for space" Tai said and the rest of his team nodded in agreement. 

Weiss: "This isn't going to work."

Blake: "It is a bit cramped."

Yang: "Maybe we should ditch some of our stuff..."

Ruby: "Or we could ditch the beds... and replace them with bunk beds!"

"Yes!" Qrow and Summer cheered before turning to look at Raven and Tai, before they could even say anything both of them said no causing the two of them to pout which made everyone else laugh. 

Weiss: "Umm, that sounds incredibly dangerous."

Yang: "And super-awesome!"

Blake: "It does seem efficient."

Weiss: "Well, we should put it to a vote!"

Ruby: "I think we just did."

To the sounds of two dings and a single buzz, Blake thumbs up the idea, Yang makes a double-rocker gesture, and Weiss angrily curls her fists at her side.

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