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The Devil, The Rose, and The Raven by batmanbeyondis
The Devil, The Rose, and The Ravenby GogetaBlue
(y/n) (l/n) is convinced that he works better by himself. But, when he comes to Beacon, imagine his shock when he learns that he doesn't get to have that choice. After t...
The Future Of Remnant by Vigilant_Schemer
The Future Of Remnantby Vigilant_Schemer
A tale to tell of the future will be told to the parents of our heroes before they haven even decided to have children. Will what they we make them fearful for their fut...
RWBY: Stand By Me, Always [1] (Raven x M!Reader x OC) by IFragz
RWBY: Stand By Me, Always [1] ( Sir IFragz
The world of Remnant is home to many mysteries and myths. Y/N one of the very few who knew the truth was highly capable to combat these threats but everyone has their ac...
RWBY reacts: CoD WW2 by Cmonkey512
RWBY reacts: CoD WW2by 8-bit monkey
Two inter dimensional beings bring teams RWBY, CFVY, CRDL, JNPR, STRQ, Roman torchwick, Cinder Fall, Salem, Ozpin, Goodwitch, etc. to a theater to watch what they descri...
STRQ by ghostofIzukuMidoriya
STRQby Fire Hero: Inferno
Percy is betrayed and banished from both Camps. Chaos finds him and gives him the power of Aura. 15 years later, he is found by Artemis, who is sent by Chaos, Apollo, an...
Dead but not forgotten (Raven Branwen x male reader) by thatpwnagepumpkin
Dead but not forgotten (Raven thatpwnagepumpkin
team STRQ is the first huntsmen team to have 5 members with a late addition of (Y/N) (L/N). Him and a woman named Raven Branwen got into a relationship but their relatio...
STRQ (A RWBY fanfiction) [Book 1] by XSummerRoseX
STRQ (A RWBY fanfiction) [Book 1]by Summer Rose
[Completed] Summer Rose has decided to attend Beacon Academy in the kingdom of Vale in hopes of becoming a huntress. She soon meets her teammates: Taiyang Xiao Long, Rav...
Team STRQ meets Ruby Rose ( Discontinued) by Izzybella1212
Team STRQ meets Ruby Rose ( Izzy Dizzy
( FYI Qrow and Summer are Ruby's parents, and Ruby knows. Also. I do NOT OWN the show RWBY.) Team STRQ was on a very dangerous mission, when they stumbled into old ruins...
Too Smart Too Fall in Love (Summer Rose x Male Reader) by Antouian
Too Smart Too Fall in Love ( Immigrant
First attempt at a RWBY fanfic. Hope this goes as smoothly as my first attempt at an MHA fanfic. Though it probably won't. Welp, here we go anyways.
Rwby: Watching the Future  by prideuser17
Rwby: Watching the Future by prideuser17
All Summer Rose remembers is random blacking out before waking up in a room with her team, Glynda, Ozpin, and seven other people. The only surrounding them is the s...
RWBY x Warrior Reader! by Rogue_Warrior1
RWBY x Warrior Reader!by Silver Wolf
This story takes place 6 months after the events of Houseki no Kuni x Warrior Reader. In this story, the Rogue Warrior arrives at the World of Remnant. A certain yet imp...
Team STRQ X Male Reader by Dankdank5
Team STRQ X Male Readerby Dankdank5
Y/N possesses a powerful ability that can "respawn" him, he goes to Beacon Academy with his "loving" sister to live their dreams as strong warriors b...
The Black Broken Rose (M Zeref reader x RWBY harem) by OGLaxus
The Black Broken Rose (M Zeref OGLaxus
Zeref was once a happy and cheerful child. That was until he was adopted by a certain family. His emotions all faded leaving only embers and darkness Can he be saved or...
The Affair (A RWBY Story) by XSummerRoseX
The Affair (A RWBY Story)by Summer Rose
[Takes places in volume 5 AU.] Heather Shields survives and tries to have a nice morning chat with Qrow. It only triggers a flashback. A memory that he thought he had bu...
(On Hold) Reaper's Rose (A RWBY Fanfic) by Technodude168
(On Hold) Reaper's Rose (A RWBY Technodude168
(Reaper of Remnant Prequel) CURRENTLY ON AN INDEFINITE HIATUS Disclaimer: I do not own RWBY, enjoy The Reapers are a unique type of Grimm. They are highly intelligent an...
I'm the apex of all living thing(Diovsrwby) by _Abstractz_
I'm the apex of all living thing( _Abstractz_
The xiaolong blood only contain 2 numbers yang and tai, but what if there was a dark secret that was keep for years, the secret of the man that can rule world
Iroh The Lotus Of Remnant by CanDoAttitudesNTL
Iroh The Lotus Of Remnantby NeverTheLess
After the events of Avatar The Last Airbender, Iroh, Uncle to Zuko, and Brother to the once named Firelord Ozai, dies. Due to his spiritual nature and extreme kindness...
Teen-Wolf Of Remnant (Teen Wolf x Rwby) by hellskitten_
Teen-Wolf Of Remnant (Teen Wolf -ʙʟᴜsʜʏ ʙᴜᴍ
Y/N McCall, Son of the Alpha Scott McCall, Both were living happily in Beacon Hills. they loved each other and vowed to never kill anyone, Hence why Y/N when born had al...
RWBY and Co. Watch Godzilla by GodzillaFan15
RWBY and Co. Watch Godzillaby GodzillaFan455515
Title says it all. Summoned by two beings, Teams RWBY, JNPR, CREMN, STRQ, Ozpin, Glynda Goodwitch, Winter Schnee, Oscar Pine, Adam Taurus are now in a large room to wat...
Monster Hunter Of Remnant by DriftWoody
Monster Hunter Of Remnantby Driftwoody
(Y/n) was an orphan for as long as he can remember. He never knew his parents; and never did cared. All was well until the orphanage he was staying at got attacked by s...