Field Trip

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Man has it been a long time since I've updated this, I'm really really sorry about that. I've been having some health issues for a while and my anxiety has only become worse. But I'm doing much better, mostly, and I'm happy to finally being able to get this chapter out, I hope you all in enjoy it. 


No Ones Pov

After having a simple and uneventful lunch they went back to watching the future. 

The opening cuts to a shot of Beacon Academy the next day following the Beacon Dance, then cuts to inside Ozpin's office, with General James Ironwood and Glynda Goodwitch keeping the headmaster company.

Ironwood: They were here... (raising his voice) Ozpin, they were here!

Ironwood angrily slams his fist against Ozpin's desk.

"He is very angry" Willow mumbled uncomfortably.  

"It's not hard to realize why" Qrow muttered offhandedly. 

Glynda: We're very much aware of that! Thank you, James.

Ironwood: Fantastic! You're aware! Now are we going to do something about it or should we just stay the course and continue to ignore what's right in front of us?!

"I see James still likes to jump head first into things without thinking it through" Summer commented idly gaining a snort of agreement from Qrow. 

An alert sound plays, signifying that someone has arrived on the elevator.

Ozpin: Come in.

Ruby Rose steps out and into the room.

Ruby: Sorry it took so long. Someone accidentally hit all the buttons on the elevator on the way up here. 

"Was it you?" Tai asked cheekily gaining fond eye rolls from the others.

(pausing before quickly explaining herself) It wasn't me.

Everyone laughed at this.

Ozpin: Thank you for coming, Ruby. How are you feeling?

"It's nice to see that his first concern is making sure his student is doing okay" Li commented and the others nodded in agreement. 

Ruby: Okay, I guess. I'd feel better if my bad-guy-catching record wasn't O-for-three.

Everyone stares silently.

"Tough crowd" Tai joked. 

Ruby: Okay, so that's the tone we're going for, got it.

Ironwood: Ruby, I feel it's appropriate to let you know that I think what you did last night is exactly what being a Huntress is all about. You recognized a threat. You took action. And you did the very best you could.

"He's not wrong" Ghira commented and Qrow let out a long suffering groan before nodding in agreement along side everyone else, he hated agreeing with Jimmy. 

Ozpin: Now, the general here has already informed us of the events that... transpired last night, but now that you've rested, we were wondering if you had anything to add.

Glynda: Was anyone else with her? Did she look familiar to you at all?

Ruby: I... I don't know. She was wearing a mask, and she never said anything to me. But I know she fought with glass. I don't think that was her Semblance, though. Her clothing lit up whenever she attacked.

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