Watching the future

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So in this story I'm only going to put in the parents that we know of. So Jaune, Pyrrha and Nora's parents will not be in it, unless they get introduced soon and the I'll edit them in. That being said I am including Weiss mom and not Jacques, because I hate the asshole. With that out of the way let's get onto to the story shall we. 


Summers pov

I groaned softly as I sat up, it felt like I had been hit by a truck. I glanced around the room in confusion, how did I get here?

I heard a groan behind me and turned around to see who it was. Behind me was Raven, Tai and Qrow. But there was also some people I didn't know.

"What is going on here!" A women with snow white hair shouted fearfully. As if answering her, words magically appeared on the wall.

"The parents of our future saviours will get the chance to see there children's tale years before they are born. What you view is set in stone for changing the future will only cause further chaos. Please sit back and learn from what you see" A man with long black hair read the words aloud.

As soon as he finished a bright white light appeared only to quickly disappear leaving behind two couches and a love seat but also a large television.

"Wait future children?" I asked bewildered, everyone glanced at me before realization flashed through our eyes.

"Is this thing implying we watch the future" A large man with a mane of black hair exclaimed in disbelief.

"I think it is" A women with maroon coloured hair said.

"This is ridiculous" Raven said while crossing her arms, Qrow nodded in agreement.

"I assure you it's not" A soft female voice echoed from all around us. I jumped in shock and started looking around for the voice along with everyone else.

"You can not see me for I am not really there" The voice said again with amusement lacing her tone of voice.

"I have brought you here so that you can see your children's future lives" rather voice spoke up once again.

"How is that even possible?" A black haired female cat Faunus asked in bewilderment.

"I have powers beyond what you mortals know, now please sit down and enjoy the show" The voice said simply before going silent. We all shared uncertain glances before we all sat down.

"I suppose we should probably introduce our selves, I'm Summer Rose" I said kindly which caused a train rail of introductions.

"I'm Raven Branwen"

"And I'm Qrow Branwen"

"TaiYang Xiao Long"

"Willow Schnee, heiress to the Schnee dust company"

"Li Ren"

"An Ren"

"Kali Belladonna"

"Ghira Belladonna"

"Now that we got the introductions out of the way, how exactly are we suppose to watch the future?" Qrow asked while leaning back in his seat. As if on the command the the television screen came to life catching all of our attentions.

"Oh. That's how" Qrow said bluntly which made me laugh.

To be continued...

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