It's Brawl In The Family

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No one's Pov 

After a quick breakfast, they all reconvened in the viewing area to continue watching. 

After the opening, the scene opens to a shot of Beacon Academy's courtyard at dusk, with Weiss Schnee and Ruby Rose running up the main avenue towards the docking bays.

Ruby: (running to catch up with her partner) Weiss! What is the big deal!? Who is it? Who is she!?

Weiss: (as she stops and smiles at the sight of...) Winter.

Willow's eyes widened in awe, she was finally getting to see her other daughter.  

The camera then cuts behind Ruby and Weiss watching Winter Schnee, escorted by crimson-coloured Atlas Soldiers and Atlesian Knight-200's as she exits her airship.

"She beautiful" Summer commented warmly and Willow just smiled brightly at the sight of her daughter. 

"Looks like she apart of the military" Qrow commented offhandedly as he stared at her uniform, why was future him interested in fighting her? Was it because she was apart of the military and he wanted to annoy James? Yeah, that was probably it. 

Ruby: Wait... Your sister?

Willow's smile seemed to just get brighter. 

Weiss: (cups mouth) Winter! (the two then run-up to the elder Schnee as she turns to see them) Winter! I'm so happy to see you! Oh... (suddenly curtsies) Your presence honours us.

Willow raised a confused eyebrow but simply shrugged it off. 

Winter: (looks around she approaches them) Beacon... It's been a long time. The air feels... different.

A few people tilted their heads curiously at this. 

Ruby: I mean it is fall, so, eh, it's probably colder.

Weiss: (punches Ruby in the shoulder, causing her to gasp in pain before turning back to her sibling) So, what are you doing here?

A few people snickered at this. 

Winter: Classified.

Weiss: Oh, right. Well, how long are you staying?

Winter: Classified.

Weiss: Of course. (nods and smiles in understanding)

"Well... this is nice... I think" Tai muttered as he rubbed the back of his head. 

Ruby: (looks pensively around in the silence) Well... this is nice... I think.

Tai huffed in amusement while a few people snickered. 

Weiss: (excitedly) You're going to love it here! I know you travel a lot, but so much of Beacon is different from Atlas! (discreetly whispers) Vale, too. The government and school are completely separate! Can you believe it!? I-

"Awe she so excited to share this with her sister" Kali cooed. 

Winter: I'm more than familiar with how this kingdom handles its... bureaucracy. That is not why I came.

Weiss: Right! I'm sorry!

Willow frowned slightly 

Winter: Nor did I come here to watch my own blood fail so miserably in battle. But it appears that I have no choice in the matter.

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