The Badge And The Burden Part 2

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No ones pov

The opening ends to Weiss Schnee, now back in her regular attire, readying her Myrtenaster at the growling creature in the cage barely seen at the end of the last episode. 

Willow clasped her hands together worriedly. 

Her teammates cheer her on from their seats in the front row.

Yang Xiao Long: (raising her fist) "Goooo, Weiss!"

Blake Belladonna: (waving a small flag saying "RWBY") "Fight well!"

Ruby Rose : "Yeah, represent teeeeam RWBY!"

Weiss Schnee : (lowering her sword and looking over at her "leader") "Ruby! I'm trying to focus!"

"Why'd she yell at Ruby? The others were cheering as well?" Qrow said in baffled tone of voice, everyone just shrugged. 

Ruby: (looking sheepish) "Oh, um... Sorry..."

Port: "Allllright!" (next to the cage, pulling out his axe) "Let the match... begin!"

The professor swings down and breaks the lock, dropping the cage door and revealing the Boarbatusk inside, which immediately charges at Weiss.

"A Boarbatusk" Willow stated weakly. 

She uses Myrtenaster to deflect its attack and roll to the side, readying herself for its next move. The Grimm stands a distance away from its enemy, studying her.

Port: "Ha-ha! Wasn't expecting that, were you?"

Ruby: "Hang in there, Weiss!"

Weiss is now speeding towards the oncoming Boarbatusk, sticking her blade straight at its skull until they meet and Myrtenaster is trapped in the beast's tusks. Weiss is still hanging on to the hilt, and is tossed around as she struggles to get the rapier back.

Port: "Bold, new approach. I like it!"

"Peter... Just shut up" Qrow said while shaking his head. 

Ruby: "Come on, Weiss, show it who's boss!"

Weiss turns to glare at Ruby, only for the Boarbatusk to turn its head and rip the sword from her grip. Myrtenaster lands far away from its master, who is knocked back by the creature's tusks.

"Pay more attention to the raging Grimm and less on being an Ice Queen" Tai said exasperation  causing everyone, other then Willow, to nod in agreement. 

Port: "Oh-ho! Now what will you do without your weapon?"

Weiss looks up just in time to see the Boarbatusk to charge again, rolling out of the way just in time to avoid getting trampled and make it crash into a desk. Weiss rushes at her sword and slides to get it back in her hand.

Ruby: "Weiss! Go for its belly! There's no armor underneath-"

Weiss: (turning to Ruby) "Stop telling me what to do!"

"She's helping you stay alive!" Willow shouted at the screen surprising everyone. An reached out and placed her hand on Willows shoulder. 

"Willow are you alright?" She asked hesitantly. Willow just sighed and slumped in her seat. 

"I'm fine" She mumbled and everyone decided that she just needed some time to cool down. 

Ruby looks hurt at Weiss' rebuttal. 

Summer frowned sadly at the screen. 

Meanwhile, the Boarbatusk leaps into the air and rolls into a ball, spinning rapidly in the air and landing on the ground, consistently gaining speed until it launches itself at Weiss. It comes closer and closer, but Weiss activates one of her blue-white circles and blocks the roll, leaping up into the now-black snowflake symbol and turning it blue again so she can drive the blade into the Boarbatusk's stomach. It squeals and falls silent while Weiss gasps in relief.

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