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No Ones Pov

The scene opens to Pyrrha gearing up in a locker room. As she walks out of the locker room, we cut to her sparring with Cardin Winchester and back again. Eventually, the fight scene includes the other members of Team CRDL.

While she is still exiting toward the arena, the scene cuts to her spar with Team CRDL.

"She didn't even break a sweat" Tai said impressed.

Glynda approaches from behind Cardin who clutches his ribs.

Glynda: And that's the match.

Cardin: Lucky shot.

"More like lucky shots" Qrow quipped gaining snickers from the others.

Cardin collapses.

Glynda: Well done, Miss Nikos. You should have no problem qualifying for the tournament.

"With Pyrrha on their side team JNPR will make it very far in the tournament" Summer said gaining nods from the others.

Pyrrha: Thank you, professor.

Glynda: (Tapping her Scroll.) Alright, now I know that's a tough act to follow, but we have time for one more sparring match. (Glynda looks around at the observing students.) Any volunteers? Ms. Belladonna? (Blake slams her book shut and stares wide-eyed at Glynda.)

"She looks like she hasn't slept in a while" Kali pointed out worriedly.

You've been rather docile for the past few classes. Why don't you -

Mercury raises his hand.

Mercury: I'll do it.

A few people perked up at this

Glynda: Mercury, is it? Very well, let's find you an opponent.

Mercury: Actually, I wanna fight... her.

Mercury points to Pyrrha.

"Why? She just kicked an entire teams ass? Does he want to get obliterated?" Tai question causing some of the others to shrug.

Pyrrha: Me?

Glynda: I'm afraid Miss Nikos has just finished the match. I recommend you choose another partner.

Pyrrha: No, it's fine! I'd be happy to oblige.

"She's to nice" Qrow said only to get elbowed by Summer.

"There's no such thing as to nice" She scolded causing him to roll his eyes fondly.

Mercury struts into the arena, visibly sizing up Pyrrha. Their spar begins when he makes the first attack and is knocked down. Recovering quickly, he deflects an attack and begins trading blows with Pyrrha until she knocks him back with her shield.

"He's not a bad fighter" Li commented and the others nodded in agreement.

Ruby Rose turns toward Emerald sitting behind her.

Ruby: Hey, your friend's doing pretty good.

Emerald gives a fake smile and then rolls her eyes as Ruby turns her back.

"Rude" Tai said childishly.

Mercury unleashes a series of powerful strikes. Pyrrha allows his kick to slam against her forearm before Mercury manages to disarm, a kick impaling her blade into the ground. Pyrrha uses her Semblance to redirect the direction of Mercury's next kick.

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