Yellow Trailer

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No ones pov

A quote fades in: "Scathing eyes ask that we be symmetrical, one sided and easily processed. Yet every misshapen spark's unseen beauty is greater than its would be judgement."

Tai opened his mouth to say something only to close it when he saw Ravens glare.

Yang is shown riding her motorcycle through the streets of Vale. She eventually stops in front of a club that is blasting music.

Raven and Tai share a stunned look, that girl looked like a mix between the two of them. Did they have a child together?

"Tai, buddy tell me that you haven't gone and knocked my sister up" Qrow said in a dangerously low tone of voice. Tai quickly threw his hands up in defence.

"No! At least not yet..." he said weakly in defence, but before Qrow could get up to strange him Summer placed her hand on his shoulder.

"Let it go Stilts this is the future, you can't change it" She said softly, Qrow huffed before leaning into her side.

"Whatever" He muttered causing Tai to let out a breath in relief.

As she walks through the club, she sees Roman Torchwick ending a conversation with Junior. She makes her way to the bar where Junior stands.

"Young lady what are you doing in a night club" Tai said in a scolding tone of voice. Everyone slowly turned to look at him with dumbfounded expressions on their faces.

"Are you scolding your future daughter for being in a night club?" Kali asked and Tai turned to give her a sheepish smile that had everyone rolling their eyes at him.

Yang: Strawberry Sunrise. No ice. Oh, and one of those little umbrellas.

It looked like Tai wanted to scold her again but a pointed look from Raven stopped him.

Junior: Aren't you a little young to be in this club, Blondie?

Yang (giggles): Aren't you a little old to have a name like Junior?

Junior: So you know who I am. You got a name, sweetheart?

Yang: Yes, Junior, I've got several. But instead of sweetheart, you can just call me sir.

She grabs his groin and squeezes it painfully causing Junior to cry out in pain comically.

Everyone man in the room winced in sympathy while Raven grinned wickedly in pride, her daughter took shit from anyone.

Yang: People say you know everything.

She brings her scroll up to his face, showing him a picture.

Yang: Tell me where I can find her and I'll let you go.

"That kinda looks like you Ray" Tai said in a concerned tone of voice, why was their daughter looking for Raven? Had something happened to her? Raven was to deep in thought to snap at Tai for calling her Ray. Qrow and Summer shared a concerned look.

Junior (straining): I've never seen her before, I swear!

Yang: Excuse me?

Junior (straining): I swear, sir!

Junior's henchmen begin to gather around.

Yang: Hmm, looks like we have an audience. This must kind of embarrassing for you, huh? Awkward....

Snickers filled the room.

Junior (straining): Listen, blondie sir. If you want to make it out of this club alive, I suggest you let me go. Now!

She lets go and Junior sighs in relief.

Junior: You'll pay for that!

"Doubtful" Qrow said while snickering.

He puts on his sunglasses and walks away from her. Yang follows closely behind.

Yang: Oh Junior, I was just playing with you! Don't be so sensitive! Come on, lets kiss and make up, okay?

Junior stops and turns around.

Junior: Huh? Uh, okay.

"What!!!" Tai shrieked which made everyone wince.

As he leans in, she punches him in the face sending him flying across the room.

"That's my girl!" Tai cheered loudly which made a few people laugh.

The henchmen run towards her. Activating Ember Celica, she jumps into the air and punches down, sending them flying back.

"Shot gun gauntlets!" Qrow and Summer cheered together getting an eye roll from Tai and Raven.

She takes out all the henchmen and even the DJ when the two malachite twins step into the room.

Miltia: Melanie, who is this girl?

Melanie: I dunno Miltia but we should teach her a lesson.

"Ugh valley girls" Qrow shuddered causing Summer to snort in amusement.

Yang loads another belt of ammunition into Ember Celica and takes out the twins after a struggle.

"She is very skilled" Li said which made Tai grin in pride and a small smile appear on Ravens face.

The holograms in the club suddenly turn off and a spotlight shines on Junior as he brings out his Bazooka.

"Why does he have a bazooka?!" Willow cried out in shock.

"Because it's cool" Summer supplied helpfully and Qrow nodded in agreement causing the others to roll their eyes at them.

Junior: You're gonna pay for this.

He begins to attack but in the end is taken out in a fierce punch by Yang who grew angry at having some of her hair pulled out in the fight.

"She's just like you Raven" Qrow said making Summer and Tai nod rapidly in agreement. Raven just snorted in amusement at their reactions.

He flies out the window, landing in front of Ruby. Yang comes outside shortly after.

"Oh it's my girl, they must be friends" Summer said cheerfully.

Ruby: Yang? Is that you?

"Of course you named her after yourself" Qrow said teasingly causing a sheepish look to appear on Tia's face.

Yang: Oh! Hey sis!

"Wait sis?" Tai said in confusion before his eyes widened in shock. But before he could do anything Qrow had hauled him off the couch and holding him up by his collar.

"You knocked them both up!" Qrow screamed in his face, Tai didn't know how to defend himself. I mean really what could he say that wouldn't result in him getting a black eye?

Eventually Summer managed to drag Qrow away from Tai, but not before he had scared the ever loving shit out of the man.

Ruby: What are you doing here?

Yang sighs before the screen cuts to black.

Yang: (Sighs) It's a long story.

As the video ended a light appeared from behind them, they turned around and saw a door that wasn't there before.

"There's a kitchen behind that door. It's nearing lunch time and I assumed you'd all be hungry" The mystery voice said before going silent again.

"I guess we take a break and then get back to watching the future?" Ghira asked and everyone nodded in agreement.

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