The Emerald Forest Part 2

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No ones pov

The opening ends to a view of Professor Ozpin watching the students on his Scroll at the Beacon Cliffs overlooking the Emerald Forest when Glynda Goodwitch walks up behind him, holding her own tablet.

Glynda: The last pair has been formed, sir. (taps the screen to show the ending scene of "The Emerald Forest") Nora Valkyrie and Lie Ren. Poor boy... I can't possibly imagine those two getting along.

"If I'm remembering correctly, she said a similar thing about the two of you" Summer remarked while smiling at Tai and Raven who both rolled their eyes in amusement.

While that happened Li and and An shared a large smile, their sons name was Lie.

Still, he's probably better off than Miss Nikos. (the video changes to Pyrrha and Jaune Arc's trek through the woods)

Ozpin: Mmmm...

"That's Ozpin's way of saying don't ruin the ship" Summer whispered cheekily causing Qrow, the only who heard her, to burst into laughter thoroughly confusing everyone else.

Glynda: I don't care what his transcripts say. That Jaune fellow is not ready for this level of combat. (deactivates the tablet, walking back a little)

"Don't be such a witch, Glynda" Tai commented causing Qrow to snort in amusement, after he had calmed down from his laugh attack.

I guess we'll find out soon enough. At their current pace, they should reach the temple within just a few minutes. (turning back to Ozpin) "Speaking of which, what did you use as relics this year? (silence) "Professor Ozpin?"

Ozpin doesn't answer, watching his tablet with a contemplating interest as it shows the footage of Ruby Rose sitting in the grass and picking stray leaves while her "partner" Weiss Schnee walks in random directions.

"He seems concerned" Kali commented and almost everyone nodded in agreement.

Weiss: (walking right) It's definitely this way. (stops and starts walking left) I mean... this way! It's definitely this way. (stops in front of Ruby) Alright, it's official: We passed it.

A few people snickered at this.

Ruby: (stands up, slightly annoyed) Weiss, why can't you just admit that you have no idea where we're going?

Weiss: Because I know exactly where we're going! We're going... to... the forest temple!

The snickers turned into full blown laughter.

Ruby: (sighs, frustrated)

Weiss: Oh, stop it! You don't know where we are, either!

Ruby: Well, at least I'm not pretending like I know everything.

Weiss: "What is that supposed to mean?"

Ruby: It means you're a big, stupid jerk and I hate you!

Tai gasped joking causing his team to roll their eyes at him.

Weiss: (sighs to herself, spinning around and walking in another direction) Just keep moving!

Ruby: (in a faux imitation of Weiss' voice) Oh, just keep moving! Hurry up! Waaaah! Watch where you're going! (in her normal voice) Why are you so bossy?

Weiss: (turning back around to face Ruby) I'm not bossy! Don't say things like that!

Almost everyone raised their eyebrow at the screen.

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