Mountain Glenn

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No Ones Pov

The opening ends to the view of General James Ironwood looking out from the landing docks of Beacon Academy to the city of Vale at night, a few airships hovering over the lit-up buildings. Walking up from behind him is Glynda Goodwitch.

Glynda: Trouble sleeping?

Ironwood: (Looking back, gripping his shoulder with the other hand.) Arm was acting up.

A few people frowned in confusion at this while Qrow bit his lip to hide the concern he felt, he shouldn't care about Jimmy and his stupid robot arm. 

Glynda: Of course, so logically, you got out of bed, dressed yourself completely and decided to gaze menacingly out into the distance. 

A few people snickered at this. 

(Approaches all the way to his side, then looks at him concerned.) What's wrong?

Ironwood: I've trusted him for years. We both have. I just... I can't help but feel like he's keeping us in the dark.

Glynda: Don't be ridiculous! You know very well that we are not the ones in the dark.

Everyone shared curious looks at this. 

Ironwood: (Laughs humorously.) That makes it worse! I refuse to believe that a man that I've trusted for so long would act so... passively.

"He's just being passive in comparison to your recklessness" Qrow muttered and Summer hummed in agreement. 

Glynda: (Puts a reassuring hand on her friend's shoulder.) You're a good person, James. You've always done what you think is best for the people, even against strong protest. It's admirable. But it's high time you stopped talking about trust and started showing it. (Drops her hand as they stare into the distance together.) Ozpin has experience that the rest of us lack. And I think that's something worth remembering.

A few people tilted their heads to the side curiously at this. 

The full moon is shining over the ruined buildings of Mountain Glenn, and a lone Beowolf is searching through the rubble. It looks up briefly at the young girl who has it in her red crosshair scope, but Ruby Rose just lowers Crescent Rose and sighs in tiredness at she keeps lookout over the destruction. 

"She looks tired, how long do you think she's been on lookout?" Summer questioned worriedly but all the others could do was shrug. 

The rest of her team is lying down on their sleeping mats around the fire with weapons nearby, and Doctor Bartholomew Oobleck is higher up, slumped down against the wall next to the hole in the ceiling/floor. 

"That can not be good for his back" Willow mumbled offhandedly gaining a few absentminded nods of agreement.

The three members of RWBY have their eyes closed, but Yang Xiao Long is the first to stop pretending.

Yang: Blake, are you awake?

Blake: Yeah.

Yang: Why do you think he asked us about being a Huntress? Like, what was he trying to say?

Blake: Maybe he was just curious.

Yang: You think?

Blake: No.

Yang: Weiss, are you awake?

Weiss: Of course I'm awake! You two are talking. 

Everyone snickered at this. 

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