The Shining Beacon Part 2

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No ones pov

The opening ends to an aerial view of Ruby and Jaune entering Beacon Academy's giant auditorium, filled to the brim with people.

"Well at least they found it" Summer said optimistically.

Ruby looks over when she hears Yang's voice.

Yang: (waving) Ruby! Over here! I saved you a spot!

Ruby: (to Jaune) Oh! Hey, I-I gotta go! I'll see you after the ceremony! (leaves)

Jaune: Hey, wait! (sighs) Ah, great. Where am I supposed to find another nice, quirky girl to talk to?!

"Poor Jaune" Summer said.

(he moves on to reveal Pyrrha standing behind him, hand on her hips as she watches him walk away.)

"Who do you think she is?" Kali asked curiously.

Yang: (once Ruby joins her, arms crossed) How's your first day going, little sister?

Ruby: You mean since you ditched me and I exploded?

Yang: Yikes! Meltdown already?

Ruby: No, I literally exploded a hole in front of the school! And there was some fire, and I think some ice...?

Yang: (smiling broadly) Are you being sarcastic?

Everyone laughed.

Ruby: (scoffs as the camera pans around to reveal Weiss right next to her) I wish! I tripped over some crabby girl's luggage, and then she yelled at me, and then I sneezed, and then I exploded, and then she yelled at me again, and I felt really, really bad, and I just wanted her to stop yelling at me!

Weiss: You!

Ruby: (quickly jumping into her sister's arms) Oh, God, it's happening again!

Their laughter doubled in intensity.

Weiss: You're lucky we weren't blown off the side of the cliff!

Yang: Oh, my God, you really exploded...

Raven snorted at this.

Ruby: It was an accident. (getting down; to Weiss) It was an accident! (Weiss holds up a pamphlet titled "DUST for dummies and other Inadequate Individuals" to Ruby) What's this?

Weiss: (listing off policies to a clueless and horrified Ruby, going faster and higher pitched with each word) The Schnee Dust Company is not responsible for any injuries or damages sustained while operating a Schnee Dust Company product. Although not mandatory, the Schnee Family highly encourages their customers to read and familiarize themselves with this easy to follow guide to Dust applications and practices in the field.

"That was fast" An said while blinking in surprise, everyone nodded in agreement.

Ruby: Uuhhh...?

Weiss: You really wanna start making things up to me?

Ruby: Absolutely?

Weiss: (handing the pamphlet to Ruby) Read this, and don't ever speak to me again.

"Shes so cold" Willow muttered sadly to herself.

Yang: Look, uh, it sounds like you two just got off on the wrong foot. Why don't you start over and try to be friends, okay?

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