Lessons Learned

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No ones Pov

After the opening, the Amity Colosseum is still floating high amid the cheers of an excited audience as the two opposing pairs of partners for the match, the grinning Mercury Black and Emerald Sustrai against a confident Coco Adel and meditating Yatsuhashi Daichi, wait in the center of the stadium for the holographic roulette to pick the field.

Everyone watched on anxiously. 

Port: (over the broadcaster speakers) Emerald and Mercury of Haven, versus Coco and Yatsuhashi of Beacon!

Velvet: (from up in the stands alongside Fox Alistair and Ruby Rose) Good luck, you two!

A few people smiled softly at this. 

The Colosseum chooses four fields to rise up from below in quarter sections: A patch of tall grassy plains which has a single tree and some rocks; the ruins of a city, complete with buildings holding shattered windows and rubble among the pavement; a hot spring containing geyser spots along a small river and some blue Dust crystal growths; and a familiar section of dense forest.

Coco: (lowers her sunglasses as she eyes her opponents) Hey! Love the outfit, kid!

Emerald: I'll try not to get blood on it.

Everyone shared uneasy looks at this. 

Yatsuhashi: (getting up as he removes Fulcrum from his back) I can't promise you'll leave without a scratch.

Emerald: (stretching out her arm) I won't be the one bleeding.

The tension in the room grew. 

Coco: Ooh, I like her!

A few people chuckled at this. 

Port: (along with the countdown behind the combatants) Three, two, one, begin!

Instead of charging forward, Mercury and Emerald slowly walk back into the tall grass and disappear behind the leaves. 

A few people tilted their heads curiously at this. 

Coco and Yatsuhashi smile at each other before the leader pops out her Gatling gun and begins mowing down the field as the crowds of sunglasses-wearing fans roar their approval, 

"She's got a fan club" Tai commented in amusement and a few people chuckled at this. 

even when bullets nearly hit them from the other side of the forcefield. 

"Good thing there's a forcefield" Willow commented nervously. 

Coco lets up as she and Yatsuhashi realize the two opponents aren't in the plains section anymore.

Coco: Huh?

Blake: (as she and the rest of Team RWBY look in shock) Look out!

Mercury drops from the sky, aiming for Coco, but Yatsuhashi pushes her out of the way and blocks Talaria with his blade, pushing him back. Coco opens fire at him again, though Mercury is able to outrun each shot.

"He's good" Qrow commented. 

Sun: (also in the bleachers with SSSN) He's good!

Qrow rolled his eyes as a few people snickered. 

Scarlet: Yeah, but where's the girl?

A few people narrowed their eyes and tried to spot Emerald, but she was nowhere to be seen. 

Mercury reaches the two and kicks away Coco's weapon while dodging Yatsuhashi's blade, then delivering a double blow to the giant warrior before jumping over Coco's continued barrage of bullets. He lands on the barrels and kicks her in the face, leaping over another of Yatsuhashi's swings, only to let himself be hit so he can get behind Coco and force her to press the muzzle up to her own teammate. 

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