Forever Fall

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No ones pov

The opening ends to the view of the Beacon Academy student dorms, where Pyrrha Nikos looks out the window sadly as Lie Ren loads StormFlower and Nora Valkyrie is jumping on her bed in the room for Team JNPR.

"Where's Jaune?" Tai asked.

"Probably being pushed around by Cardin" Summer said sadly. 

Nora: "How come Jaune gets home so late?"

Ren: "He's become rather scarce since he started fraternizing with Cardin."

"He sounds kinda sad" An commented while tilting her head to the side. 

Nora: "That's weird... Doesn't he know we have a field trip tomorrow? We need our rest!" (she proclaims this while twirling in midair so her back hits the covers)

Pyrrha: (angrily) "I'm sure our leader knows exactly what he's doing."

Everyone winced at the anger in the women's voice. 

Nora and Ren exchange glances, not knowing that Jaune himself is looking in through the crack of the door.

Nora: "Mmmm... I guess so."

"Poor Jaune" Summer mumbled sadly. 

Jaune hangs his head and closes the door, just as a voice interrupts his thoughts.

Ruby: "Hey, Jaune!" (startled, Jaune turns around to see her in her pajamas, and she giggles at his reaction) 

"She's adorable" Summer gushed making everyone else laugh. 

"Long time, no see! Did you lock yourself out again?"

"Agian?" Qrow snickered in amusement. 

Jaune: "Oh, uh, nope!" (raises his Scroll, attempting to laugh) "Got it!"

Ruby: "So! Where have you been lately?"

Jaune: "I, uh..." (he tries to come up with something, but just sighs and lowers his head) "I messed up. I did something I shouldn't have, and now Cardin has me on a leash, and Pyrrha won't even talk to me, and..." (breathes heavily through his nose) "I'm starting to think coming to this school was a bad idea." (presses his back to his team's door and slides down to the floor in depression) "I'm a failure."

"Nope!" Qrow and Summer said in unison while shaking their heads. 

Ruby: "Nope!"

Qrow and Summer blinked in surprise while everyone else laughed. 

Jaune: (looking at her in surprise) "'Nope?'"

Ruby: "Nope! You're a leader now, Jaune. You're not allowed to be a failure."

Jaune: "But... what if I'm a failure at being a leader?"

Ruby: (thinks about it for a moment, then gives her answer) "Nope!"

"How cute" Kali cooed. 

Jaune: (laughs as she joins him on the floor) "You know, you're not the easiest person to talk to about this kind of stuff."

Ruby: "Nope!" 

Qrow snorted at this. 

(as Jaune leans into the door some more) "Jaune, maybe you were a failure when you were a kid..." (Jaune groans and sinks lower to the ground) "... and you might've even been a failure the first day we met!" 

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