No Brakes

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No Ones Pov

The opening ends to Ruby being thrown across the floor by Roman.

Summer growled softly at this.

Roman: (laughing) Wow! You are much more manageable without that oversized gardening tool of yours. 

Qrow made an offended noise at this much to everyone's amusement. 

Ruby gets up and charges at Roman, which he simply sidesteps, sending Ruby stumbling across the floor.

Roman: (laughing) Oh man. You know, Perry, I really did need this.

Perry raises his thumb in agreement as Roman laughs.

A few people snorted at this. 

Roman: (walks over to Ruby and aims Melodic Cudgel at her) But seriously. How'd you find this place, Red?

Ruby growls and uses her Semblance to escape Roman and start running for an exit.

Roman: (looking around, briefly startled) Whoa!

Smiling, Roman stands up, spins Melodic Cudgel in his hands, and aims the handle at Ruby. He fires the handle, which doubles as a grappling hook, at Ruby, catching her by her hood and allowing Roman to pull her back.

Qrow and Summer pouted in an attempt to stop themselves from geeking out over Roman's weapon. 

Roman: I see you've got some tricks up your sleeve! Let me make this clear: We're not through here yet.

A massive explosion sounds, causing Roman to look up.

Roman: Oh, what the... Perry, if you and the boys could take care of that? Kinda in the middle of something.

Perry nods and goes off to investigate the explosion just as another one sounds.

Roman: (annoyed) WHAT is going on here?!

A third explosion sounds and multiple White Fang members come running around the corner, some firing at an unknown enemy. Weiss, Blake, Yang, Zwei and Oobleck run around the corner, much to Roman's annoyance. 

Everyone smiled at this.

Ruby decides to take this moment to try and escape. She jumps on Roman's shoulders, pulls his hat down over his eyes, and then flees towards her friends.

Roman: (readjusting his hat and glaring after Ruby) Somebody kill her!

Summer, Qrow and Tai growled at this.

Roman and the White Fang members around him open fire on Ruby, which she dodges and weaves between.

"Wow, they suck at shooting" Tai quipped in amusement gaining a few snickers from the others. 

Roman: (turns angrily to the White Fang member next to him) Attach this cart and spread the word: We're starting the train.

White Fang Member: But we're not finished!

Roman: (pins the White Fang member up against the wall with Melodic Cudgel) Do it or you're finished!

The shot cuts to Ruby fleeing, but screeches to a halt as she realizes she's running towards a group of White Fang members. A huge explosion appears behind the White Fang members, sending them flying and reveling Yang behind them.

Yang: (as Ruby jumps into her arms) Ruby!

All of the women, with the exception of Raven, cooed over the sight. 

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