Jaunedice Part 2

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No ones pov

The opening ends to a uniformed, sleeping Jaune Arc with his head resting in his hands while a constantly-zooming and fast-talking Professor Bartholomew Oobleck is in the middle of his hyperactive lecture,

"Barty became a teacher to? What's with everyone becoming teachers" Qrow said in bewilderment.

educating Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, Pyrrha Nikos, Velvet Scarlatina, and a leaned-back Cardin Winchester directly behind Jaune.

Oobleck: "Yes! Yes, prior to the Faunus Rights Revolution--more popularly known as the Faunus War--" (zooms up to the front of the class and the map covered in papers behind his desk) "--humankind was quite, quite adamant about centralizing Faunus population in Menagerie." (points at the map of said-area with his stick, then zooms off to the side for a sip of his coffee before appearing in front of the desk) "Now! While this must feel like ancient history to many of you, it is imperative to remember that these are relatively recent events! Why, the repercussions of the uprising can still be seen to this day!" (zooms around the classroom more, sipping his coffee again before continuing to zoom and talk)

"Is he always so fast paced?" An asked and every member of Team STRQ nodded.

"Barty's only got one speed, fast" Tai explained.

"Now! Have any among you been subjugated or discriminated because of your Faunus heritage?"

Some of the silhouetted students raise their hands. Velvet, after a moment, does the same.

"It's bunny girl" Summer pointed out sadly.

Oobleck: "Dreadful, simply dreadful! Remember, students, it is precisely this kind of ignorance that breeds violence!" (takes another sip of his coffee) "I mean, I mean, I mean just look at what happened to White Fang!

Kali and Ghira share a confused look.

Now, which one of you young scholars can tell me what many theorize to be the turning point in the third year of the War?" (a hand is raised) "Yes?"

Weiss: "The battle at Fort Castle!"

Oobleck: "Precisely! And, who can tell me the advantage the Faunus had over General Lagune's forces?"

Unseen by the professor, Cardin flicks a paper football at Jaune's head, causing him to wake up.

Everyone frowned at the sight of Cardin.

Jaune: "Hey!"

Oobleck: (zooming over into Jaune's face) "Mr. Arc! Finally contributing to class! This is excellent! Excellent! What is the answer?"

"Poor Jaune" Summer said sympathetically.

Jaune: "Uhhhh... The answer... The advantage... that the Faunus..." (looks behind Oobleck's focused face at Pyrrha, who coughs and motions to her lips as she gives him the answer) "...had over that guy's stuff..." (he sees Pyrrha cup her hands around her eyes and goes for the most obvious answer) "Uhh... Binoculars!"

"You can't really blame him, that was a bad hint" Qrow said and everyone nodded in agreement. 

While Jaune looks pleased with his answer, the class laughs at him and Oobleck (back at the front of the class) sips his coffee. Pyrrha sighs and slaps a hand to her forehead as Cardin pounds his fist on his desk while chortling.

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