A Minor Hiccup

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So for as much as I adore Hunter's Dream I'm also a fan of Tin Feathers (Ironwood X Qrow). So I thought eh might as well hint at the ship as well as a possible former relationship. Because Qrow being a bad ass Bisexual is something I crave. So if you have a problem with it feel free to ignore those parts no one's forcing you to read them. 


No One's Pov

The opening ends to Weiss patiently waiting out the minute left on her holographic clock displayed from her desk in the classroom of Professor Peter Port, whose dialogue is merely background nonsense as Jaune slides up next to Weiss.

"His class must be really boring, it looks like its taking all of her will power not to fall asleep" Tai said in amusement gaining chuckles of amusement from the others. 

Jaune: So, Weiss, y'know, uh, I-I was thinking after this, maybe we could go grab a bite to eat? (Turns to the teacher for a second, then turns back around.) And, uh um, I-I've got two tickets to that new Spruce Willis movie, if you wanna make the trip to Vale. I hear it's awesome. (Pauses as his words have no effect.) Aaaand maybe after that, we could study together? I mean, you're smart and I'm, uh... Y'know.

Summer cooed.

Finally, the clock in front of Weiss gives a shrill beep as it changes from 3:59 to 4:00, and she dismisses it with a wave of her hand. The professor is temporarily unaware of the alarm.

Port: (Posing as a towering monster about to attack.) And then I— Oh. (Straightens his stance as the students start to leave.) "Timed that one wrong, I guess. Well, the stunning conclusion to this story will have to wait. Until next time!

"Wait, is he just telling stories instead of teaching?" Ghira asked baffled. 

"Yeah that sounds like Pete" Qrow said while the rest of Team STRQ groaned in agreement. 

Jaune: (Watching Weiss as she packs up her Scroll.) Weiss? Did you hear me?

Weiss: (Not even looking at Jaune as she walks away.) No, no, no, yes.

Upon hearing this, Jaune groans and does a faceplant into his desk.

"Poor Jaune" Summer said sympathetically. 

"He needs to go for a girl that actually cares about him" Qrow commented causing Summer to nod in agreement. 

Yang: (As the rest of Team RWBY walks out of class behind him, Yang ruffles Jaune's hair without even looking.) One day.

Qrow snorted at this.

A closeup of Ruby's hands as she straps the red laces of her shoes. Switch to a closeup of Weiss' hand gripping the handle of Myrtenaster strapped to her side. Switch to a closeup of Yang's Ember Celica over her left forearm as she slides the chamber. Switch to a closeup of Blake tightening the black ribbons around her arms. Switch to full view of Team RWBY's preparations, revealing their new outfits.

"Oh they look so beautiful!" Kali gushed and all of the mothers, excluding Raven, nodded in agreement. 

Blake: (Approaching her bunk as she tightens her wraps.) I thought that class would never end.

Ruby: (From her position sitting on the hanging bed) Alright, guys, today's the day! The investigation begins!

Happily leaps off her mattress and onto the floor, arms raised excitedly. She almost lands on Weiss, who is on the bottom bunk.

Weiss: (sarcastically) I'm glad to see we're taking this so seriously.

Qrow snorted at this.

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