Search And Destroy

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So I took a lot of liberties with this chapter in regards to Oobleck, for the sake of the story lets just assume that he went to Beacon at the same time as team STRQ. 


No Ones Pov

The opening shows the still-horrified faces of Team RWBY upon seeing their guide for the week.

This got even more snickers from the group. 

Weiss: Professor Oobleck?

Oobleck: (Talking fast, per the norm, as he paces in front of the students.) Yes, I'm afraid those bags won't be necessary, girls, seeing as you've opted to shadow a Huntsman on what is now essentially a reconnaissance mission. I can assure you, we will not be establishing a single base of operations; rather, we will be traversing several miles of hazardous wasteland and making camp in any defendable locations we may stumble upon. I packed all of our essentials myself, plotted our air course, and readied the airship. And... 

"So did anyone catch any of that?" Tai asked while scratching the bag of his head, Barty talked way to fast for him to keep up with. 

(Zooms up right to Weiss' face.) It's Doctor Oobleck. I didn't earn the PhD for fun, thank you very much! (Quickly backs away.)

"So he's a doctor and a teacher, damn talk about going above and beyond" Qrow said in amusement, Barty always was an over achiever. 

Weiss looks over at Blake Belladonna, who is equally disturbed.

Weiss: Uh...

Oobleck: Come now, children; according to my schedule, we are already three minutes behind! (Then, as an afterthought to clarify:) ...schedule! (He zips off to the airship docked farther ahead in a second.)

"Does he even know how to slow down?" An asked and all of team STRQ shook their heads. 

Ruby: (Positive and upbeat before suddenly becoming as depressed as her team halfway through.) Well, alright, then! Looks like we're going to save the world with Doctor Oooobleck- okay yeah when you say it out loud it sounds worse.

A few people snickered at this. 

Nora: (off-screen) Save the world?

Ruby's team turns around to see Nora and team JNPR approaching.

Nora: (being dramatic) You're going on world-saving missions without us? I'm hurt... sad! (Stomach rumbles) Maybe a little hungry? That last one's not your fault, though, Ren...

Lie Ren, for his part, simply crosses his arms and turns away.

Li gave An a pointed look at this which she just grinned at. When ever she was mad at Li she always refused to make pancakes and that little interaction between Nora and Lie was very similar to their own. 

Jaune: Sounds exciting. Where ya going?

Ruby: Oh, just outside the kingdom...

Nora: Hey! So are we!

Pyrrha: Ren and Nora wanted to shadow the sheriff of a nearby village.

"Their going to be deputy's how cute" Summer gushed gaining fond eyes rolls from some of the others. 

Ren: We set out tomorrow.

Neptune: (off-screen) Then you can party with us tonight! (Neptune Vasilias and Sun Wukong approach the two groups.) We're shadowing a crime specialist. All inner-city detective stuff. We get junior badges.

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