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When Black And White Created Grey ✔️ by justasleepygirl99
When Black And White Created Mesh
Bethany Richard, a 17 year old loner wolf posing in the small town of Abraxas as a "human", finds herself caught in a whirlwind of rejection, growth, and acce...
I Will Save You ✔ by Karenj128
I Will Save You ✔by KarenJ128
Haley Jacobs is not your typical teenager. Her once perfect life, long gone. She has gone through hell and back, and is barely hanging on by a thread. She's not only...
The Ex-wife (Book 1 Of The Williams Series) by ruthstevenswrites
The Ex-wife (Book 1 Of The Ruth Stevens
THIS IS ONE OF MY FIRST BOOKS ON WATTPAD. "Get out", he shouted at me "get out now and never come back" I wiped at the tears that were streaming dow...
Ethan's POV (Bonus Book) by miadaley17
Ethan's POV (Bonus Book)by Mia Daley
Warning: This book is an alternative view of my book ITAAS. It can NOT be read as a stand alone unless you don't mind being extremely confused. ...
When the Darkest Secrets are all White by bellcajoh
When the Darkest Secrets are all bell.
Ayanokouji Kiyotaka is a Second Year Class D student currently attending the Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School. After surviving the recent Uninhabited I...
Divine by bytch21
Divineby Ryyyy21
PLEASE KNOW THAT ALL PICTURES, GIFS ETC ARE FROM PINTEREST OR GOOGLE AND NONE OF THEM ARE MINE. Adriana Montez was 4 when she was taken away by her mother from her fathe...
The Secrets She Kept by ShannaFranklin
The Secrets She Keptby Shanna Franklin
Milana Bradley returns home after running away for five years due to an unplanned pregnancy. She soon realizes coming home was a mistake and must protect her daughter fr...
Robots In The Family ( RobotBoy x Male Reader ) by DonoNightcore
Robots In The Family ( RobotBoy Dono Nightcore
After Debbie finds out about her beloved son's secret, things changed differently ( This takes place in the episode named, mancation ) Disclaimer : I don't own anything...
✅ ABHIRA- ONE SHOT (6yr Leap) by kruti_01
✅ ABHIRA- ONE SHOT (6yr Leap)by kruti.d
COMPLETE A closure story on the current track of yrkkh. I couldn't help myself. I am frustrated with the makers for degrading Abhira's love, their moments, their chara...
Wait Really?!?! by 11ssnakess11
Wait Really?!?!by ♠♣♦♥︎🍉♡︎♢♧♤
✨Please Enjoy✨ Katsuki has had a boyfriend for ages. They got engaged before Katsuki went to UA and Izuku left to go travel the world. Izuku is a famous singer which app...
The Future Of Remnant by Vigilant_Schemer
The Future Of Remnantby Vigilant_Schemer
A tale to tell of the future will be told to the parents of our heroes before they haven even decided to have children. Will what they we make them fearful for their fut...
What's for Breakfast? by chroniclesoftatiana
What's for Breakfast?by chroniclesoftatiana
[COMPLETED] Samantha Sandoval has it all together - a thriving career as an interior designer, a cozy condo shared with her brother Patrick, and financial stability at t...
Kids From The Future - (Completed) by KnightRider_35
Kids From The Future - (Completed)by Knight Rider
It was a normal day at UA as Izuka Midoriya and Izuma Midoriya are teaching their class as their teacher is sleeping in his sleeping bag. They see their young brother ju...
Not So Innocent by OceanHydra629
Not So Innocentby Amaya Anaklusmos
Izuku Midoriya, most of class 1-A would describe him as a sweet, caring, and nerdy cinnamon roll. But that is only most. Bakugo Katsuki is the only person who sees the r...
The Calm Before The Storm by zaidaw75
The Calm Before The Stormby zaida
There's a man going round taking names and he decide who too free and who too blame but he won't be treating all of them the same. When the man comes around. Lyrics from...
Twisted Bond by miss-omi
Twisted Bondby Omi Hata
In order to survive, Darius, the Alpha King, requires his mate. He will perish if he does not unite with her by the next full moon. After searching for days, Darius fina...
Secrets She Kept  »  Harry Potter by the-misfit
Secrets She Kept » Harry Potterby evie
Petunia Dursley was a prim and proper woman. She was the perfect housewife and mother to her son Dudley. She also served as the caregiver for her nephew, offering the ba...
Fake Me To Church by BlueJay325
Fake Me To Churchby BlueJay325
Secrets, Scandal...and Murder. Ahmed Heavenstate just wanted to fit in. A recently adopted high school freshman in a brand new town, he'd barely gotten his foot in the d...
THE NEYVEN MAYHEM by itz_reya_here
Year - 2042. A breakthrough in the scientific world. An island - a treasure trove of resources that were otherwise considered non-existent, hidden all these centuries be...
Truth or Dare (boyxboy) by ZavierZ
Truth or Dare (boyxboy)by ZavierZ
In an unexpected game of Truth or Dare between two unlikely players: soccer jock, Spizzo, and school outcast, Skidmark, must navigate through their rocky past and let th...