Best Day Ever

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I'm terribly sorry for the long wait, I was hit with such a huge amount of writers block for this story but that has passed for now and i'm ready to get back o track. 

Also since this is the first episode he's really in I want to point out that Mercury is one of my favorite characters, so don't be surprised if i'm a little biased in my depiction of him. 


No ones pov

A ship flies through the skies over Vale and the camera pans down to the city streets. The owner of the Dust shop "From Dust Till Dawn" is hanging a sign declaring its re-opening.

"Hey that's the shop that Ruby was at!" Tai pointed out cheerfully. 

 As he climbs down from his ladder, he stumbles and falls. Emerald Sustrai appears next to him.

"Isn't she one of the people who was with the firey lady from last episode?" Summer asked puzzled. 

Emerald: (giggling) 'Scuse me, sorry. I'm not really from around here. (She helps him to his feet.) Would you mind pointing me in the direction of this shop?

"She's being suspiciously nice" Tai pointed out. 

Emerald produces a piece of paper with writing on it and the shopkeep looks it over.

Shopkeep: Hmm? Mm-hmm.

Emerald walks away from the shop owner as both wave goodbye and passes Mercury Black at a corner.

"He was with the fire chick too" Tai exclaimed loudly only to be silenced by Raven who whacked him in the back of the head.

Mercury: I knew you were lost.

Emerald: Mercury, 

"We have a name!" Tai announced only to be whacked in the back f the head by Raven again. 

I will seriously pay you to shut up. (She produces a wallet with Lien and waves it in Mercury's face.)

Qrow snorted at this. 

Mercury: That's not your money.

Emerald: But it can be yours for 5 minutes of silence.

Mercury: Mmmm... no deal.

This caused a few people to laugh. 

Emerald: Fine. (Emerald takes the Lien and tosses the wallet, turning to walk away.)

Mercury: Whatever. You want me.

"He's certainly sure of himself" Willow commented causing a few others to nod in agreement. 

More of the city is shown, including a café where two extras sit chatting. Mercury and Emerald are walking through the city.

Mercury: So, how much farther?

Emerald: A few blocks.

Mercury: Ugh... this place is so dull.

Emerald: Eh, I kinda like it. Tall buildings, diverse culture...

Mercury: And nice dopey people who are easy to pickpocket.

"Ah so there just thieves like Roman" Summer stated. 

Emerald stops.

Emerald: That's every city.

Qrow bit his cheek to keep himself from laughing at that, why did villain's have to have such great lines? 

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