Black Trailer

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So this is probably a very unpopular opinion but I love Adam, he's just so cool. Heck the first time I watched the Black Trailer I was far more interested in him then I was with Blake. The fact that he is crazy and a villain has not changed my opinion of him. 


No ones pov

The opening quote is shown: "Your hopes have become my burden. I will find my own liberation."

"That's even deeper then the last quote" Tai said, gaining a few eye rolls from the others.

Blake sits on a rock outcropping watching red leaves drift down in the Forest.

"She looks just like you two" Summer said cheerfully, which made grins appear on Kali and Ghira's faces. They have a daughter together, this was amazing news.

Adam walks up to her

Adam: Blake, it's time.

"So her names Blake" Kali said in an amazed tone of voice.

She slowly turns toward him.

Blake: Okay.

The camera drifts down to show a train rushing through the forest.

"That's a Schnee company train" Willow said in confusion. She couldn't understand why the two teens were watching the train.

Adam and Blake slide down the hill onto the top of the train. Upon boarding it, they enter a car full of AK-130 Androids.

Adam: Looks like we're gonna be doing this the hard way.

"Their going to rob it" Willow said in a horrified tone of voice. Ghira and Kali shared startled looks, what was their daughter doing?

The Androids activate and circle the duo.

Blake: Don't be so dramatic.

An Android activates the guns on its arms.

Android: Intruder, identify yourself.

Adam responds by cutting the Android in two and he and Blake proceed to completely annihilate the Androids in the car. Eventually, they burst out of the freight car onto a flatcar and encounter a horde of Androids running towards them.

"Well they are certainly skilled" Qrow said while ignoring the glare he was getting from Willow.

Adam: Let's do this.

They decimate the horde and enter into a second freight car.

"Qrows right your daughter is very skilled" Li said also skillfully ignoring Willows glare. Ghira ad Kali smiled weakly, could they really be proud of their daughters skills when she was using them to commit a crime?

Adam opens a box and examines the contents inside.

Adam: Perfect. Move up to the next car.

He closes the trunk.

Adam: I'll set the charges.

Blake: What about the crew members?

Adam: What about them?

Everyone shared horrified looks, he didn't care about taking innocent lives at all? Ghira and Kali shared alarmed looks, what's was their daughter a part of? 

Adam turns his head around and sees a Spider Droid climbing down from the ceiling of the car. Adam moves to fight it.

"What the hell is that!" Tai screamed while pointing at the screen.

Blake (anxiously): Adam.

Adam and Blake try to fight it, but it doesn't go so well. Adam grabs Blake before she is about to be crushed by the droid's legs.

"Well at least he's looking out for her" Kali commented weakly.

Blake: We need to get out of here.

Eventually the fight moves out of the car onto another flatcar.

Adam: Buy me some time!

Blake: Are you sure?

Adam: Do it!

"He seems to have a plan, that's good" Ghira commented just as weakly as his wife.

Blake distracts the droid while Adam readies his next attack. As she jumps back to Adam some time later...

Adam: Move!

The droid fires a powerful beam. Adam catches the beam with Wilt. As his body starts to glow, the droid jumps toward him. Adam then slashes out with his sword, disintegrating the droid and even affecting the trees in the Red Forest causing their leaves to fly into the air.

"That was AWESOME!!!" Summer and Qrow screamed in excitement and everyone slowly nodded in agreement.

As Adam walks back towards Blake, he finds her on a separate train car standing near the connector between the cars. As he reaches out to her...

Blake: Goodbye.

She severs the connection and lets the released carts slow down as she lets the rest of the train continue en-route. As she leaves, the background becomes completely red with a black silhouete of Blake in the middle, with black leaves falling down.

"Why did she leave him?" Summer asked worriedly.

"Maybe it's because of that fact that he didn't care about taking innocent lives" An supplied and everyone decided that that made the most sense.

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