The Shining Beacon

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No ones pov

The opening ends to a view of several ships carrying students and docking at the entrance of the school. As soon as one lands, Jaune Arc emerges and goes over to the nearest trash can, hunching over it as he loses his lunch.

A few people winced in sympathy.

Ruby and Yang, alongside several other students, walk out of the ship and head down the paved path to the front of the school.

Ruby and Yang: (as they take in the entirety of Beacon Academy) "Wow..."

Yang: "The view from Vale's got nothing on this!"

Ruby: (getting so excited she becomes a 2-D, starry-eyed, floating chibi) "Ohmygosh, sis! That kid's got a collapsible staff! And she's got a fire sword!" (she tries getting closer, but Yang pulls her sister by the hood back into realistic proportions) "Ow! Ooww!"

Tai laughed loudly while clutching at his stomach.

"You two most have rubbed off on her" Tai said teasingly making Qrow and Summer blush sheepishly.

Yang: "Easy there, little sister. They're just weapons!"

Ruby: "'Just weapons'? They're an extension of ourselves! They're a part of us! Oh, they're so cool!"

"She knows her stuff" Qrow said proudly and Summer nodded in agreement.

Yang: "Well, why can't you swoon over your own weapon? Aren't you happy with it?"

Ruby: (transforming her weapon into its scythe form) "Of course I'm happy with Crescent Rose! I just really like seeing new ones. It's like meeting new people, but better..."

"People are over rated, weapons are better" Qrow said seriously causing everyone to laugh.

Yang: (playfully pushing her sister's hood down over her face) "Ruby, come on, why don't you go try and make some friends of your own?"

Ruby: (taking off her hood) "But... why would I need friends if I have you?"

Yang: "Well..." (in a flash, a group of other students surround Yang and they all dash down the road) "Actually, my friends are here. Gotta go catch up. 'Kay, see ya, bye!"

"Awe poor Ruby" Summer said.

Ruby: (spinning and dizzy-eyed from Yang's sudden leaving) "Wait, where are you going?! Are we supposed to go to our dorms? Where are our dorms? Do we have dorms?" (stopping for a moment, still reeling) "I don't know what I'm doing..."

Ruby falls backwards into a luggage cart, sending cases flying. Someone is standing over her.

Weiss: "What are you doing?!"

"Oh it's Weiss" Willow said excitedly.

Ruby: (getting up on her hands) "Uh, sorry!"

Weiss: "Sorry?! Do you have any idea of the damage you could have caused?"

Ruby: (holding a case) "Uuhhh..."

Weiss: "Give me that!" (she snatches the luggage from Ruby and opens it to reveal its twinkling-sounding contents) "This is Dust - mined and purified from the Schnee quarry!"

Willow's smile quickly turned into a frown, why was Weiss being so rude?

Ruby: "Uuuhhhh..."

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