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Silence. Sigh. "Forget it. Bye."


Alexa isn't playing fair.

She knows exactly how to get to me and she isn't holding back. Why did I think the stupid phone call was a good idea? Caleb warned me and I didn't listen.

I just thought it was common courtesy to let her know I would be going to the party with someone. I didn't want her to think I was doing it on purpose to hurt her. I thought our break-up had been friendly. Or hadn't it? It is all hazy now. I can't remember why we broke up in the first place.

I just remember Alexa driving me crazy all the time...like right now.

She is wearing the dress. The stupid blue dress.

To everyone in the room, it is just a piece of clothing but there is history with that blue dress. Alexa knew what she was doing when she decided to wear that dress tonight.

She knew exactly what she was doing...

"Dang dude," Zack says, slapping my back. He is staring at Alexa as she makes her way into the living room. "You don't mind if I—?"

I push his arm away. "Shut the hell up, Miller." I turn to look at Abigail who looks uncomfortable. I lean into her. "I'm so sorry about this, Abigail."

She smiles. I think she almost looks sorry for me. "She's your ex?"

Nothing like having a little drama in your first date. I nod. "Yes. I'm sorry, I just have to—I'll be right back."

I make my way to the living room, pushing past people. The house is packed by now and the music is louder than it was earlier. People don't seem to care that tomorrow is a school day. Then again, the best thing about college is the choice we have of going to class or not. It is the dilemma of every morning.

I look around the living room and spot Alexa with some of the football players and their girlfriends. She has a drink in her hand though I know she doesn't like to drink at school parties.

"People are not trustworthy," she would always say. "God knows what they could put in my drink or do to me if I get drunk. No thank you."

The conversation powers down as I approach and Alexa turns around to see who everyone is looking at. I can't read her face. Is she happy to see me? Angry? Annoyed?

This is the first time I see her since we broke up. We broke up in May before summer so it's been 4 months, not that I'm keeping track of the time or anything.

"Ethan," she says my name slowly then looks away.

She's definitely annoyed.

"Alexa," I say her name, trying to ignore everyone's stare. Jeez. You would think people would be a bit more subtle. They're staring at us as if they're ready for something to happen. They would grab popcorn if Zack had any. "Can we talk?"

"We already did earlier, didn't we?" She rolls her eyes at me.

Okay. She's annoyed about the phone call. I knew it had been a mistake to call her. What the hell was I thinking?

"Alexa, come on," I say moving my head to the side, motioning for us to go outside.

"Fine," she says with a sigh. "I'll be back guys," she says to the crowd who cheers her on. Most of them are Caleb's friends so naturally they are mine too, at least they were.

That is one of the problems with this break-up. Alexa and I shared the same social groups and most of them ended up taking her side after the break-up. They're here acting like we got a divorce or something. Though it was three years that I was with her so it was a long time.

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