IdrisGrey Presents: A Dangerous Beat

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Hey all, Idris here (IdrisGrey). Welcome to the latest #WattpadBlockParty! Thank you to Kelly for hosting it yet again and for inviting me back. I'm excited to be here among all these talented authors to share my work. Today, I have the first two chapters of an f/f teen fantasy I have been working on. Some of you may recognize it. It's called A DANGEROUS BEAT.


SUMMARY: New in town, recently emancipated Evie Featherton discovers that the curse that's haunted her family for a century just might be haunting her. Phoebe Park, queen bee of the local high school and feared daughter of Whale's Town's long dead witch, fears that the tragic fate that befell her mother will befall her next. The moment they meet, thunder rolls and lightning strikes the ground. Drums beat in their heads like a warning, like a promise. Are they bound by a curse or something much more dangerous--like love?

Only magic knows.

Chapter 1:  A Whale of a Tale

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Chapter 1: A Whale of a Tale

Whale's Town is nobody's idea of a paradise and everyone's idea of a hiding place.



Evie's cousin Aldous warned her that Whale's Town was off-the-wall strange. They like their whale bones, he'd said, jangling a necklace of plastic tibiae like he was summoning a ghost. Her cousin was dumb like that. He was the 'off-the-wall strange' one.

She wasn't worried about some creepy fishing town on the coast of Maine, anyway. When you've lived with the voices of the dead singing you lullabies for a year, you give up on it. Creepy isn't weird, it's your life. It's the only place that feels like home anymore.

That didn't stop her from getting chills down her spine as she pulled up to her house on Ivory Court. This was where she'd be living from now on, a slouching three-story Victorian her late great-grandmother had built and that the entire Featherton clan had fled the hour the woman had gone into the ground. Bedelia Farragut Featherton had been terrifying, but no more so than Whale's Town itself had been to every one of her progeny.

Curses? Who believes in curses anymore? Her parents, that's who. Her grandparents. All of her aunts and uncles, living and dead. The cousins played at immunity, but none of them had been keen to let her sleep on their couch after...after everything.

Evie stepped out of her pre-owned Honda to take stock of where she'd be living for the next two years. It was a veritable sweet shop of horrors, she could see that from the outside. Every window was an eye on her, flinty as her great-grandmother's, finding her wanting, or worse, perfect. This was the house that had killed two Farraguts and six Feathertons.

But it won't kill me.

Evie was out places to go but here. She didn't have anybody save herself. Fuck fear.

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