DreamLyte Presents: A Preview of A RAVEN'S STORM

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Hey everyone! I'm happy to announce a new project that I will be working on soon! Think EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING meets FALLEN. I had the idea for a while and would love to share the first chapter with you all! There will also be a giveaway so stay tuned.


KIDNEY disease took my mother away from me

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KIDNEY disease took my mother away from me.

I could still feel her brushing my hair, reassuring me that everything would be okay.

At the gravesite where she lay, the gloomiest of clouds beckon over as I sit there, remembering her, running my fingers across the indentations of her name. Once I closed my eyes, I could see her and she sat with me, the wall of the headstone her backrest. "My precious, Shay."

I realized I've gathered past memories to make this moment feel true. I even created new ones for the pieces to fall in place. "Mom." The water departed from my eyelashes like a sad romance.

"How are you?" She's still so kind on the eyes, ripples of gray dancing through the masses of brown.

"I'm torn. Dad remarried and she's moving in today."

"You're father deserves happiness, baby. Wouldn't you agree?."

I drop my head but her soft hand gently clutches my chin to raise my attention to her again. I have to answer. "It's too soon."

"Two years, baby, that's long enough. I will forever want what's best for you and your father." She took a pause and held back her own tears, her hand falling to her crossed legs. "Is he happy?" Her tone was fragile, trembling.

I didn't want to see her that way. "I think so."

She bobbed her head and a clear drop fell down her cheek. At first what was a tear rolling down her face, became a downpour of rain from the sky. I opened my eyes and mom was gone. Reality was settling in the vacancy of my heart. The rain fell harder, chilling my bones, calling them to ache. Jumping to my feet, I dashed across the slick grass, asking for forgiveness as I passed the late members who too were laid to rest.


Susa was down in the kitchen preparing a big meal for dad's new wife. Susa was everything in one: a cleaner, a caretaker, a friend, and a second mother to me. She normally stayed on the main level so she could have quicker access to everything. Her routine had been the same since I was five.

Every morning she would start by making us a hearty breakfast. She'd then move on to dusting and doing the laundry. She was always last to go to bed and the first to get up. Sometimes, nights extended to one in the morning, at least it did up until mom departed from us.

But Susa was there. Always. She understood loss because her husband was also very ill and soon passed away. We had to be there for her.

I stood at my bedroom window. The rain hadn't let up. I touched the glass and I could feel the wind blowing kisses against the pane. It was unexpected.

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