VeraMicic Presents: Becoming Successful on Wattpad

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Hello everyone! My name is Vera aka the evil slash cliffhanger writer! If you've read my stories, you already know I'm all about emotional roller coaster stories filled with twists and heart-touching moments, which can educate and inspire readers at the same time.

This is my second time participating in Wattpad Block Party, and I'm super excited to share my thoughts with you. Before I start, I want to thank Kelly Anne Blount for featuring me in the summer edition of Wattpad Block Party. I'm honored to be a part of the event that brings so many great writers and readers together.

Today, I'm going to talk about one of the things I'm sure many of you are curious about. A few readers has asked me this, so I thought I could try to convey my thoughts on this topic in this post. *sends her evil popcorn to readers before she starts* Here we go!

If you're using Wattpad as your writing platform, you probably have wondered how to become successful on Wattpad

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If you're using Wattpad as your writing platform, you probably have wondered how to become successful on Wattpad. You've seen all those stories with millions of reads and wished one day your story could get millions of reads too, but how?

Now, you may have heard about the ways to promote your story or interact with other authors. You've probably heard that by joining book clubs, being active on the forums, commenting in books, and joining competitions will bring you far. This most certainly will bring you results, but I believe there is something more important than grinding to get readers. That's writing.

I've seen some writers working their hardest to promote their work (even spamming other people's profiles or books and begging readers to read their book), but they failed to see that their writing is far from good. They continue their efforts to gain reads, but the exposure won't bring them nothing in the long run if they don't pay attention to their writing. Sure, they may get new readers and their reads will increase, but exposure without quality is nothing.

Call me an idealist, but I firmly believe that a high-quality writing and writing from our heart can get us much more success than any promoting can do. This is what brought me success. Not grinding but writing from my heart and working hard on improving my writing.

However, before my success came, I was also one of those people who paid more attention to numbers than writing, which didn't bring me anything.

Now, I want to share my story with you so you can see that you don't need magic, and you don't need to work excessively on reaching readers by interacting and being active everywhere.

I started posting Bullied in the beginning of November 2016, which was a story I wrote for NaNoWriMo. As I wrote thousands and thousands of words each day so I could meet this project's challenge of writing 50k words in only a month, I did all I could do to gain more reads.

I joined three book clubs. I became active (although not much) on the forums. I commented on many books. I joined a few competitions.

One month of these efforts later, and I still had only around 200 reads on Bullied, but only later I realized what I was doing wrong all that time. I didn't think about the quality of my writing. I thought only about the way to get readers.

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