ReeReverie Presents: Flesh, Blood, and Stardust

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*clears throat and stands up nervously*

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*clears throat and stands up nervously*

Hello, everybody! I'm Maria, but please feel free to call me Ree. It's a nickname that has stuck with me since I was a baby, when I just couldn't manage to properly pronounce my first name (rather, just the middle syllable of it).

I've been on Wattpad for about four years, but I'm sure many of you will be scratching your heads as to who I actually am.

I'm a poet, journalist, trailer maker (I actually made a trailer for this very Block Party!), graphics creator, former Wattpad Engagement Ambassador, and, ever so proudly, a Wattpad Featured Author.

I write dark, thrilling, romantic stories that aim to leave you melting thoroughly, chuckling heartily, sobbing relentlessly, and screaming at your screen in confounded disbelief. I put my characters through hell because I love them.

My stories aren't just books, but rather, they are breathing pieces of my heart and history. They are my soul, my passion, and my purpose. I'm sure many authors can empathize when I say, large pieces of me have been left in the paragraphs. We wait patiently for those pieces to be found, dusted off, and brought back to life by our incredible readers.

But... please excuse my tangents.

This is my first time being involved in the Wattpad Block Party (thank you SO much, Kelly)! I've wanted to be a part of this awesome event for so long now! So please pardon my overt excitement. This is kind of a big deal!

Since this is my first time being a part of the grandeur that is the Wattpad Block Party, I wanted to do something really special. What I'll be sharing with you all today, is the entire prequel to Arrows & Anchors (my most popular story on Wattpad).

If you're unfamiliar with A&A, please take a quick peek at the trailer for it below:

This post is a true introduction to my series, so you don't need to be a current reader of mine to follow along. Hopefully, though, it'll make your reading experience that much richer, if you do decide to carry on with the series! (Pretty, pretty please! You won't regret it! Read my "Fan Feedback" chapter at the beginning of A&A, if you need more persuasion! Or check out the Fan Feedback video--very first link at the top of my Wattpad bio!)

And if you're already a steady Brulian fan, I hope this will give you a brand new insight into Jules--who he is, who he was, and who he's always been. There are lots of new details in this prequel that I've never shared with any of you before. Thank you so much for sticking by me. This one's for you, Lost Girls and Lost Boys!

It's lengthy, so if you're a true lover of words, you're in for a treat!

Oh! And don't forget to check out the giveaway at the bottom of this post. One lucky reader is going to score a MYSTERY SWAG BAG with Arrows & Anchors related goodies! It's a secret bundle with hand-picked items from yours truly! And I'll ship to anywhere in the world. New readers, faithful readers, silent readers... everyone is welcome to enter, and I highly encourage you to do so! :)

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