iamaakhan Presents 'Khan's First Horror Story'

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Hello everyone!

Khan here, and I'm so excited to be back here—so, a huge thank you to Kelly for giving me this opportunity to share my writing with all of you again! How's 2018 so far? All good? Well, it's been a rough year for me though. Too much stress. Too many problems. Too many heartbreaks.

Well, moving on, today I'll be sharing with you a short snippet of a horror story I'm working on so, please beware of how horrible this will sound like! I hope you enjoy the snippet! Thank you for your time!

x x x

The sun blinded me temporarily—the heat emitted scorching my greasy skin as I tripped on a few shards of broken glass on the pavement. I began to walk faster when I heard a soft grunt coming from behind me. Breathing heavily, I groggily walked across the pavement without bothering the pieces of glass that that pierced my foot when I took each step.

As I gained a quicker pace at walking, I began running. With each and every step, I only saw trails of crimson red liquid on the ground and knowing to who it belonged to, my heart ached. I tried to hold back my tears but it was impossible to do so. I let the tears fall when the cool summer wind blew in. Tucking a few locks of my greasy hair behind my ears, I shakily ran toward the empty road.

And when I turned around, I saw the man. He was wearing the same clothes he wore days before, and he was approaching me unsteadily with a bloodied baseball bat in his hands. I screamed for help, my eyes watering as I thought of the consequences that could happen when the man approaches me.

It was then when I saw a car—far away from me and it was approaching my way. Without hesitation, I raised my hands up high and waved back and forth at the car. I tried to jump but it was useless. And I screamed for help at the top of my lungs when the car was getting closer. And that was when the man grabbed my right arm, dragging me along the way towards the hell I came out of.

x x x

Was that good enough? I know it's not that good but if I ever publish this, would any of you give it a try? Horror has never been my cup of tea—this is actually my first time writing one and I don't know whether I should keep on writing or just leave it be?

Sorry for such a short post but I really do hope you guys enjoyed it, even for a little! Thank you for your support, it means the absolute world to me! Want to know more about me? You can find me here:

Twitter: @azwaarkhan

Instagram: @azwaarkhan

Tumblr: @azantyri





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