Saintc Presents: A Wattpad Q and A

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Saintc Presents: A Wattpad Q and A.

Q: What keeps you motivated to keep writing all your stories? Is there a time you suddenly feel distant and retracted from your story writing?

A: I'm really not sure how to answer the first part, mostly because writing is a hobby/pass time — it's what I do for fun essentially. I don't really need the motivation to do it if that makes sense? Like, how do I explain this? If you really like to watch movies it'd be odd if someone asked you what keeps you motivated to keep watching movies.

I do plan and organize a lot, and I organize goals in the short term so that might help.

For the second part, yes. There are times I feel distant about a story and kind of let them sit. This might simply be because I might not be interested in writing, or I might be stressed or have other things to do in my day to day life that need attention. A lot of writers feel terrible when this happens, but I say it's better to just accept the feeling as normal, and give yourself time to adjust and make sense of it.

Q: One more question: do you feel that your stories aren't good enough and that you shouldn't post them? If so, how do you overcome it?

A: Yeah. I do feel that way sometimes, but I keep reminding myself that it's a hobby and something I just enjoy doing. You don't have to be Leonardo Da Vinci to paint as a hobby, so I don't need to be Stephen King to write as a hobby.

Q: Do you have any plan to rewrite the play "the fragment of his being" as a book. It sparked my interest the moment I read the introduction. So, I'm kind of hoping that we could get a chance to read in the story version. And also this book of yours called acceptance is one of my favourite books ever. :)

A: I do! I'm taking part in NaNo write (It's this big national writing sprint they have in April, July, and November.) I'm planning to work mainly on Above high waters, but I'll dedicate some time to getting out chapters for the Novel version of Fragments of his Being as well. It won't be completely identical to the play, so there's that.

Ah, I'm happy you like Acceptance!

Q: I've noticed that a majority of your characters are western and I was just wondering why you never write about gay Nigerians?

A: Generally, I prefer to write 'happy' stories. That's what I'm mostly known for; 'happy' stories where LGBT+ people are carefree and happy.

That's something bordering way out of realism if I set a story like that in Nigeria. Also, I'm very worried about how it will be received by other Nigerians. I'm not sure if it's the same for other African writers on this site that have LGBT+ characters, but that's the 'why' on my end.

This is something I want to change in the near future (I have a work in my drafts with Nigerian LGBT+ people.) Seeing other LGBT+ positive Africans on this site has made me more confident about it. And you know what? What if I write a heartbreaking story? We need realism as well.

I've pushed the publish button on Cowrie Beads, and I'm hoping it's well received.

Q: Is your name really Saint Caliendo?

A: No, Saint Caliendo is my pen name. It was a combination of my obsession at that time (researching saints), and an italian surname I found while looking for a name for my character. Apart from the privacy a pen name provides, my real name is beyond pronounceable for a lot of people.


Well, that's it for the Q and A. Thank you for all the questions!

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