Mercy198 Presents: Exclusive Edited Chapters of DFH & Character Interview

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Hi, everyone!

I'm so excited to be participating in this year's Wattpad block party, summer edition iv. It's my first time here and trust me this is such a great privilege. A loud thank you to the host of this awesome event, . I don't know exactly what it is about me that caught your attention but I'm truly grateful for it.

My name is Mercy Kalu, also popularly known by my username, Mercy198. You might also recall my most popular book here on Wattpad by the title, Devil for a husband. Yes, I'm that author. Wattpad had been my abode for over four years.

What are we starting with?

Well, let's start with taking a quick peek into the first two edited chapters of my book Devil for a husband. Yes, I did state on my book that the entire book is getting edited and might be up by August or September but, I've decided to give you dear readers a sneak peek.

Below is also an image of a few of my other books. Feel free to check them out if you so wish to. Truthfully, I'll be honoured if you do.

Chapter 1: It's a start, alright!

He stepped into the boardroom with a man and woman in tow. The formal wear mixed with the serious attitude created an official feeling. The people who were already in the luxurious room stood up in greeting as a sign of acknowledging his presence. After taking a look at the bunch of people before him, he sat down in his spot signalling everyone to follow suit. No one dared to speak. He opened a file right away, without looking up, he gave a cue to a young man for the presentation to begin.

"The goal of our new store will be to sell shoes at a lower price so that our customers..." He was cut short by a cold remark.

"You mean to tell me you want to lower our profit margin?!" He rolled his eyes as he went through the file.

"Um sir, I'm not necessarily saying..."

"This company is built off of integrity and quality, my father did not build this company for it to simply be mediocre, if there is not a better pitch by Tuesday noon, you'll be fired," he boomed, the room suddenly feeling ice cold.

"But... may I finish..." the unfortunate boy trailed off as his boss got up and had already begun to leave the room, without a bit of emotion across his face. His assistants who had followed him, walked out with him as well, boredom plaguing their faces.

"Who is he to treat people that way?! Who does he think he is?!" He cried in exasperation.

The woman in red piped up,

"He's Blayze Norman, the CEO and president of these department stores, some of the top in the world you know... He owns this company."

"Yes I know, it was a rhetorical question," he irritably commented, picked up his files, and stormed out of the room.


He sat in his shiny black office chair, his timeline for the upcoming month as two business men walked through the entrance.

"They're posing as a threat? Since when has this company grown big enough to possibly get close to hurting us?" Blayze questioned them with ferocity.

Sharing a look, one of the business men responded, "We've tried to schedule a meeting with one of their representatives to create some sort of co-operation, but it has fallen through each time."

Blayze stood up from his seat and got in front of the two men.

"So, are you telling me this whole time you have found this predicament entirely too unimportant to report to me, yet according to these charts, our sales have decreased by a whopping 20%?" The men were caught off guard, not expecting to be asked all of the questions at once. Silence filled the room, darkening it like a cloud.

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