Sweet Addiction by JDanielsbooks
Sweet Addictionby J. Daniels ❁
COMPLETED (A WATTPAD PICK) Wedding hookups never amount to anything. Those who partake in this wicked little activity know the rules. Get in. Get laid. Get out. There's...
  • jdaniels
  • love
  • possessive
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Wattpad Block Party - Summer Edition IV by KellyAnneBlount
Wattpad Block Party - Summer Kelly Anne Blount
Welcome to the Wattpad Block Party - Summer Edition IV! Round EIGHT of this popular event is coming your way the entire month of August 2018 and it's going to be epic! E...
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Sweet Possession - Excerpt by JDanielsbooks
Sweet Possession - Excerptby J. Daniels ❁
A sassy, in-your-face baker. A panty-stealing, dirty-talking accountant. And a bathroom quickie that changed their lives forever. Wedding hookups never amount to anythin...
  • jdaniels
  • fiction
  • hot
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The Playboy Millionaires Book 2: Playing With Stock by CadyLorenzanaPhr
The Playboy Millionaires Book 2: Cady Lorenzana
Kilalang player si Karen at ang pastime niya ay ang magpaluha ng mga lalaki, lalo na iyong mga kasama sa mga tinaguriang "Playboy Millionaires." May ulterior m...
  • millionaireromance
  • playboy
  • phr
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All I Want - Excerpt by JDanielsbooks
All I Want - Excerptby J. Daniels ❁
Book two in the Alabama Summer series. Luke Evans is a heartbreaker. I didn't want to give mine to him. Not when he kept me out. He gave me enough, just enough to make m...
  • relationship
  • enemieswithbenefits
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Wingless, book 1 of Wingless Series by punkybookster83
Wingless, book 1 of Wingless Seriesby Holly Hood
How do you learn to love death when you're so afraid of it? What if the one person you love the most is taken away from you? What would it take to move on? Who would you...
  • dark
  • lovestory
  • drama
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*THIS BOOK CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT SO READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. They tell me too stay away from her because I'm a bad man. But I can't I'm just addicted to her she's a drug...
  • love
  • obsession
  • duology
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Hate to Love You by RyzelGantuangco
Hate to Love Youby Ryzel Gantuangco
  • 2018
  • 4chapters
  • published
ROGUE: The Genesis Files #1 (Sample) by BonnieSynclaire
ROGUE: The Genesis Files #1 ( Bonnie Synclaire
Twins Harper and Joanna Cambridge are the few people who know about Genesis, their grandfather's spy agency that's so covert not even the President of the United States...
  • suspense
  • published
  • family
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Rebel without a Pulse by OdessaBlack
Rebel without a Pulseby Odessa Black
Sexy. Intelligent. Undead. Nerdy, high school senior, Willie Hatcher's mundane life is forever changed when Cherryville's water supply is contaminated with a lethal viru...
  • published
  • sneakpeek
  • zombieapocalypse
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about time. yellow. by bviera10
about time. arileth argent
no longer in my head
  • lockwood
  • loveletters
  • wattys2018
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I'm Secretly Engaged To That Playboy?!? (On-Going) by AkosiYangg
I'm Secretly Engaged To That AkosiYangg
She's Amber a Bookworm, Nerd, Nobody, but they didn't know that she is a Gangster and a Bitchy one. Even Though she is a bitch She hates Playboy, Badboy, Cassanova, etc...
  • playboy
  • romance
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Book Reviews by dream-is-reality
Book Reviewsby Jenny Raylen
Book reviews of both published and completed Wattpad books I've read using my own reviewing system which is as follows. All five of the following aspects will be rated o...
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Wine&Vodka. by 66protons
Wine& Rishita H.
[ FEATURED ] Wine? A taste everyone can interpretate their own way. Vodka? The burning reailty. Highest Rating: #10
  • wine
  • undiscovered
  • poetry
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Lady and the Wolf [Book One, Lady and the Wolf Series] -Published- by Hendrixx
Lady and the Wolf [Book One, S. A. Cross
"Fate is tricky and her time is limited. She can love without reason, and forgive without thought - that is her curse and her gift. Be that as it may, the wolf will...
  • love
  • published
  • goodbye
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BANGERZ by cyberbasedari
BANGERZby ariana
#7 in Jason McCann "I want a bad boy to be good, but only for me. A boy like a hurricane unpredictable tumultuous vicious with the ferocious waves streaking in his...
  • jasonmccann
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Dead Beginnings (Monstrum # 1) Mature 18+ Only Published by TaniquelleTulipano
Dead Beginnings (Monstrum # 1) Taniquelle Tulipano
Excerpt: He's like a predator, a big and powerful animal. Trapping the terrified man with his gaze, his attention solely hones on his target. His shoulders are slightly...
  • paranormal
  • recommended
  • published
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Run After Mi Amor by lillieswrites
Run After Mi Amorby lillie
Blake Ryder. He was the man that the whole female population wanted to be with. Black messy hair, blue-gray eyes, big full lips, a button nose, and effortlessly tan skin...
  • chicklit
  • highschool
  • published
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The Passion He Reaped (Sample!) by Loutka
The Passion He Reaped (Sample!)by Madam 🌹
The Passion He Reaped is now available on Amazon for ebook! This is the very first book to The Addiction series. The Passion He Reaped is on Goodreads for rating/reviews...
  • love
  • mature
  • theaddictionseries
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