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On Santa's Lap *Published* by XxNixonxX
On Santa's Lap *Published*by Nixon
Evelyn Monroe hated Christmas, she wasn't always like that. Even till the age of seventeen she believed that Father Christmas existed somewhere, but just before her 18th...
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Afterthought Vol. 1 by CloudedReign
Afterthought Vol. 1by Vyshnavi Rajeevan
[HIGHEST RANKING: #2 IN POETRY] A collection of 100% original short poems and quotes to keep you creatively engaged. Afterthoughts. Things that slip through our mind wi...
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The Art Of Sneezing by Keep_Your_Eyes_Open
The Art Of Sneezingby TheMaskedWriter
Riley 'Mouse' Rivers sneezes a lot. She's allergic to dogs, which isn't too bad. That is, until she moves to a small town in North East Texas. Suddenly, every person she...
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For Your Eyes Only by kaywritesx
For Your Eyes Onlyby K.
He was the boy that no one noticed. He was quiet, bland to the naked eye, a total wallflower who sat on the sidelines and lacked in eye contact with those around him tho...
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Lady and the Wolf [Book One, Lady and the Wolf Series] -Published- by Hendrixx
Lady and the Wolf [Book One, S. A. Cross
"Fate is tricky and her time is limited. She can love without reason, and forgive without thought - that is her curse and her gift. Be that as it may, the wolf will...
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The Stepfather (MxM) by SeizeTheButt
The Stepfather (MxM)by SeizeTheButt
Forced out of his home in London, Sam has little choice but to show up on his mother's doorstep in Florida. Absent from each other's lives for the last nine years, Sam...
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SPIRITBORNE  |  Book 1 of the Spirits' War Trilogy [excerpt] by kv_wilson
SPIRITBORNE | Book 1 of the K.V. Wilson
The rift between man and beast is growing deeper. Skye's ancestors were brought to life by an ancient spirit under the light of a blood moon. Her father commands a legi...
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Unwrapping Her Perfect Match by KatLatham
Unwrapping Her Perfect Matchby Kat Latham
At six foot one, Gwen Chambers has felt like a giant her whole life. She's a calm, capable nurse saving lives in a busy London hospital, but healthy men give her heart p...
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White Stag (PERMAFROST #1) by Pandean
White Stag (PERMAFROST #1)by Pandean
Don't show fear. Don't attract attention. Don't forget who the monsters are. Those are seventeen-year-old Janneke's three rules to surviving in the Permafrost. Her famil...
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The Alpha is My Mate✔ by Mdclovesya
The Alpha is My Mate✔by mercedes
"Oh look at this if it isn't the Alpha him self. Here to save your pathetic excuse of a mate are you?" Chance smirked as he looked at Erica who nodded her head...
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The Vampire's Bride # PUBLISHED SAMPLE #The Dark Council Series (Book 1) by bloodbath008
The Vampire's Bride # PUBLISHED Anna Kendra
"You seem to have forgotten that you're not marrying a commoner, Alina. You're marrying the prince of all vampires, so look alive and get me some coffee." Alin...
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Secretly Married (English) by forgottenglimmerENG
Secretly Married (English)by Forgottenglimmer ENGLISH
Phoebe Bernal shares a secret with one of the country's hottest stars, Kent Fuentabella. Their secret? They've been married for a year. Of course, no one can know, lest...
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Don't Kiss and Tell (New name to be decided) by Bored_Af_1994
Don't Kiss and Tell (New name to Bored_Af_1994
This book is a mature book and not recommended to people under the age of 17. If you don't like explicit scenes then DO NOT READ. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|~~~...
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The Birds And The Bees (The Baby Project #1) PUBLISHED by ChasingMadness24
The Birds And The Bees (The Baby Kyra Blackthorn
Beatrice Lowe is a stereotypical nerd. With straight A's, perfect attendance, and a great career ahead of her, no one, including the whole population of Willow Roads Hig...
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Afterthought Vol. 2  by CloudedReign
Afterthought Vol. 2 by Vyshnavi Rajeevan
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First Sight ~ The Deal Prequel by DeborahAnn11
First Sight ~ The Deal Prequelby Deborah Ann ~ Author
~ Before there was The Deal, there was the meeting ~ A successful Graphic Designer, who's sworn off men. A high power Divorce Attorney, with a steadfast belief against...
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The First 30 Days (PUBLISHED) by Haven84
The First 30 Days (PUBLISHED)by Lora
No one saw it coming. No one could have guessed that the vaccine that was supposed to save lives, would take them instead. Once the death toll started to climb, it took...
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Tweldor Promotions and Giveaways by LEGlazebrook
Tweldor Promotions and Giveawaysby LEGlazebrook
It is extremely difficult for self published authors to get noticed on Amazon as there are millions of books all competing for your attention. I have received amazing f...
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LOVE TO LAST by komokomoni
LOVE TO LASTby Elizabeth nimoh
Tessa is my best friend and I love her,. Lizzy is afraid that John will break his heart but it's turn their love lust forever. That makes Tessa ends up with Tyler. 😁�...
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High school drama by parks909
High school dramaby parks909
this story is about a girl name çãråmel that goes to Beverly hills high. She met alot of friends who became her besties. she had 3 besties who were Shari, çåñdy and Kell...
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