Thomas Sangster/ Newt Imagines by theywillburnwithus
Thomas Sangster/ Newt Imaginesby cara x
THOMAS SANGSTER/NEWT X READER IMAGINES, SHORT FANFICS AND PREFRENCES Warning: Contains Violence, Trigger Warnings, Swearing, Smut, etc. And is not advised for young chil...
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Instagram • Hayes Grier  by awrites-
Instagram • Hayes Grier by yours truly ❤️
@hayesgrier unfollowed @ellebieber @Ellebieber posted a pic with the caption "backstabbers" @Hayesgrier posted a pic with the caption "You're stupid to t...
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Fireflies // Daniel Seavey by StoriesToTellx
Fireflies // Daniel Seaveyby StoriesToTellx
Time flies and you grow older, drifting apart from your best friend. But when you suddenly bump into each other many years later, do sparks fly? Or is it just all in yo...
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Soul Mates AU (Heroes of Olympus) by ThePearlOfTheSea
Soul Mates AU (Heroes of Olympus)by ThePearlOfTheSea
Everyone gets a tattoo on their upper arm, right below their shoulder. It just appears there one day, and doesn't go away. Each person's tattoo has symbols that represen...
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Doctor Strange  (Doctor Strange x reader) by LayceJ25
Doctor Strange (Doctor Strange RJ
After her parents were killed by some creatures from the Dark Dimension, (y/n) (l/n) stumbles across the Sanctum Sanctorum in New York. Daniel Drumm, the protector of th...
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One Direction Preferences by CaitlinNicoleee
One Direction Preferencesby Caitlin
A collection of 1D Preferences :))))
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art book 13 !!! by praiiise
art book 13 !!!by ✰
g a s p
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BATIM Crack Memes: 2 by Genocidal-
BATIM Crack Memes: 2by 🔮ᏩᎬNᎾ🔮
*louder screaming*
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Love Hate? Older!Dipper Pines X Reader  by Summermysteries
Love Hate? Older!Dipper Pines X ▪Max▪
{Y/N} planned on going off on a road trip for a long time now, she just needed time for herself after a failed romance. And that's how she found herself in the sleepy to...
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FACE CLAIMS ✔︎by liv loves taron!
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Percy Jackson Jokes & Headcanons by SparklesReader
Percy Jackson Jokes & Headcanonsby SparklesReader
Book of jokes and headcanons about PJO and relatable fandoms stuff. Basically, my collection of favorite jokes because I can't write. Highest ranking: #1 in Relatable, C...
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Pretty Much Dirty by moodyimagines
Pretty Much Dirtyby M
Dirty little smuts to fill that empty fangirl/boy void of yours --the band pretty much though-- *I take requests fill free to dm :) *y/n means your name btw
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Pretty Boys - PJO/HoO One Shots by astraverse
Pretty Boys - PJO/HoO One Shotsby astraverse
[HIGHEST RANKINGS: #5 IN HOO, #65 IN ONESHOTS, #158 IN IMAGINES] Basically a compilation of fluffy one shots of you (yes, you) and one of these pretty boys. I try to kee...
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Fifty Million Followers [BOYXBOY] by holliesarah
Fifty Million Followers [BOYXBOY]by Hollie
Like 50 Million Followers? Buy me a coffee: British band Purple Envy are heading for the States, and Scott Connors, Oliver Godfrey, Luke Cart...
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Broken(Masky x Reader x Hoodie) by Mr_CookiesAndMilk
Broken(Masky x Reader x Hoodie)by Cookie
"Y/N. Just say one word. Hoodie or me?" "I-I don't-..." I paused. The words wouldn't come out right. My eyes darted from Hoodie to Masky ¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿...
  • funny
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usernames | ideas by cosmicbaek
usernames | ideasby privé
username ideas by yours truly. requests are closed. i'm catching up. ▬▬▬▬▬ COPYRIGHT © 2016, 02MILK ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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Nudes 2 Kuwonu || Z.K || New! by chaschas01
Nudes 2 Kuwonu || Z.K || New!by ArmyBeanz
Zion: Fuck Riley, ur making me hard.? Riley: Want more, Zaddy? Zion: ur brother is sitting RIGHT NEXT 2 ME!!!? Riley: (photo) Zion: ?Why?!! Riley: Baby, don't worry abou...
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Aren't You Tempted? (Antisepticeye x reader) by YourBestNightmare15
Aren't You Tempted? ( YourBestNightmare15
You're a girl who lives by yourself in an apartment. you have a job to survive with but life gets pretty dull. So In order to escape from your boring life alone, you dec...
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roommates / f.wolfhard + reader ♡ by -nesquickbbboy
roommates / f.wolfhard + reader ♡by THICC THOT
Y/N shares a dorm with her ex Started ~ 11/27/17 Ended ~ 12/29/17 Highest Rank: 98 in Random
  • fandom
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Sherlock preferences by mycroft_holmes007
Sherlock preferencesby Mycroft_Holmes007
I'm doing a series of preferences on the following Sherlock characters: -Sherlock Holmes -John Watson -Mycroft Holmes -Greg Lestrade My main aim is to just make you guy...
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