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The Girl Who Loved by AugustLikeTheMonth
The Girl Who Lovedby August
Tom Marvolo Riddle. The most infamous dark wizard of all time. His legendary rise to power as the Dark Lord will forever strike fear in the hearts of those who hear the...
  • cedrichpawards
  • prequel
  • hogwarts
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Fandom Imagines by Cookie_TW
Fandom Imaginesby Phoebe
A bunch of fandoms to fall in love and lose yourself in... Requests 100% definitely taken!!
  • thevamps
  • tomhiddleston
  • fanfiction
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Gaze and Prey by AbyssalStarlight
Gaze and Preyby Michele
After defeating Voldemort as an infant, the Wizarding World has high expectations for Ezra Potter. But perhaps her connection with a boy named Tom won't let her meet the...
  • mystery
  • harry
  • fandom
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Barry Allen Imagines by catlover_163
Barry Allen Imaginesby Barry the Bean
As you can see from the title, this is Barry Allen imagines from the CW hit TV show, THE FLASH. I fell in love with Grant Gustin and his character Barry, I think, I know...
  • danger
  • care
  • west
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Rusted Souls - Swaggersouls x reader  by macaroniNheath
Rusted Souls - Swaggersouls x MacNscream
"I love you, but I kinda hate you" "Shut up, you're high" he chuckled -------------------- Four years ago, you met your best friend Matt, at PAX in t...
  • xreader
  • youtube
  • gamer
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Gods and Monsters (Loki Laufeyson x Reader) by lydiaofthefallen
Gods and Monsters (Loki Fallen Author
"(Y/n)." (Y/n)'s surroundings changed. She was in the Asgard throne room, Loki in front of her. "(Y/n) you must leave Thor, so that you may come home.&quo...
  • loki
  • stark
  • wattys2018
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The Journal of a Wallflower  by Questionable_life
The Journal of a Wallflower by Questionable_life
Wallflower - Noun A shy or excluded person at a dance or a party This is a simple admin book, nothing more and nothing less
  • fandom
  • random
  • whyamidoingthis
Fandom Games by hstpeace
Fandom Gamesby Hermione/Ravenclaw
If you've ever wanted your fandom to shine, this is the place! With reader-selected fandoms, voting, and a few surprises, this is the place for fangirls!
  • voting
  • youchoose
  • fandomgames
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Worlds Entertwined (demigods and shadowhunters UNITE) by FandomGirls
Worlds Entertwined (demigods and FandomGirls
Clary Fray and Annabeth Chase's worlds will collide when they must work together to take down the ultimate enemy, as Gea, the goddess of the Earth, and Sebastian, the so...
  • themortalinstruments
  • crossover
  • fandom
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NUMINOUS | P. PARKER by -Loony-Moony-
NUMINOUS | P. PARKERby Tom Holland's Trash Can
❝HARRY POTTER IS 100% BETTER THAN TWILIGHT❞ ❝EXACTLY.❞ In which Peter Parker finds a partner in crime. Henrietta Walters is just your average anti-social teen, right? Wr...
  • socialanxiety
  • romance
  • spider-man
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Introduction by xlunaloudx
Introductionby Luna🌒
Stuff about moi
  • cartoons
  • fandoms
  • allaboutme
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Blood Moon Rising|Book 1 by moonpaw2005
Blood Moon Rising|Book 1by IvyBurnt
Gray Water & The Bad have been fighting for many generations. Aiken, and his mate; Winter have come to the deciding of becoming alliances with The Bad. But a terrible th...
  • huskies
  • fandom
  • fanficton
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Puffballs and Koopalings: Let the randomness begin! by neutral4life
Puffballs and Koopalings: Let neutral4life
Join Kirby, Meta, Galacta, Dark meta, Magolor, the koopalings and friends as they all do really random stuff. Also Kirby can talk and other characters from other fandoms...
  • fandom
  • kirby
  • magolor
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fandom imagines by agriffo101
fandom imaginesby Alex griffin
all in the name, i will be including all different types of fan-fiction, some will include, black butler, transformers, attack on titan, fairy tail, death note and some...
  • fairytail
  • natsudragneel
  • lucy
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unpopular opinions ; danganronpa by GALLET1TAS
unpopular opinions ; danganronpaby 🍪
necesitaba volver a hacer un libro de este fandom donde doy a conocer mis mierdas mejor guardadas aJAAJs- tal ves haga una de hetalia y de meme animations luego,, voy a...
  • ships
  • drv3
  • dr
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Writer in the dark by TangaMalfoy
Writer in the darkby Ropa interior
Bet you rue the day you kissed a writer in the dark
  • lorde
  • canciones
  • songs
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Rags to Rich ~ by The-Pink-Theory
Rags to Rich ~by The-Pink-Theory
Rags To Rich ~ "You deserve this, Tiffany." -------------------Tiff, really?------------ Tiffany Anderson and her family, is low on money and considered as the...
  • thepinktheory
  • fandom
  • ragstorich
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Your Deppest Desires by LenasLemonade
Your Deppest Desiresby Lena
I'm taking requests, books, movies, anime... Fell free to request anything you want. In the first chapter I'll list the things I've watched/read for which I write fanfic...
  • readerxvarious
  • fanfiction
  • fantasy
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