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Hi, everyone!

I'm so glad to be back for the Wattpad Block party & to be surrounded by such amazing writers! Thank you, Kelly, for giving me the chance. I'm Dawn, a cake-lover who can mostly be found lying on my bed, reading. *waves excitedly*

I've decided to write a short story for my post about a girl who's writing a letter to her future self. I hope you guys enjoy it!


Dear Future Me,

It's me. From the past. I'm 15 years old now and everything sucks. So bad.

That's why I want to forget. I want to write to you. The present is terrible, but the future can be good. I don't know at what age I'll read this next. 25? 50? 80? That'd be so cool - to read this at 80! Damn, how is life at that age?

So, back to the whole reason I'm writing this letter - the Monstrosity that is the Present. Let me rant about what's shit in my life right now. My best friend just abandoned me - she's hanging around those other girls. My parents are being strict and rude about everything. And they don't know that my grades are falling also. Ugh.

I hope you're leading a happy life in the future. I hope you're still going for dance practice and singing like a fool. Never stop doing that - it makes me so happy! And right now, I'm a broke student, but I hope that you've traveled all over the world. I hope you visited Italy and Japan and even met up with Cara, my internet bestie from twitter! I don't know if I'll still have my fan account when I'm older - but never forget your favorite band because they're amazing! Music really helps so much.

​I have big hopes right now to become a dancer in the future. I know Mom keeps saying its very hard to do in the future, but I know you'll keep trying. Are you successful in it? Or are you doing part time jobs on the side right now? I always wanted to try out different jobs, after all. How much money are you earning? I always wanted enough money to buy every pair of dance shoes.

I know that Libby is being rude right now but I still hope you'll be best friends in the future. Do you still talk to everyone else though - Aisha, Sadie, Marcus? Did you ever fall in love? I used to have a crush on Marcus but then it faded. Did you ever find your 'soulmate'? If not, keep trying. There's always time.

And did you ever learn to play every single instrument? I started piano lessons a couple of weeks ago, and my teacher is loving me. I really want to learn how to play guitar, violin and every possible instrument. It'd be so cool, but also I know it'd take way too much time.

The more I write this letter, the more excited I get for the future. I know you'll be leading an awesome life! Did you ever make that youtube channel? Did you ever do dance videos on it? Did you move out? Do you have a pet? I hope you're still not procrastinating everything still.

Anyways, future me, I gotta go but I hope you finished everything on the bucket list. It's a long list. I'll add it to this letter and keep adding to that. But I won't come back to this letter, until I'm older. Wow. Old Me. Take care!

Past Me


The paper fell to the ground. A letter from ten years ago. Her fifteen-year-old self had so many dreams. So many hopes. Disappointment squeezed her chest. She wasn't a professional dancer. She hadn't traveled to Europe. She wasn't even friends with Libby anymore. So many things changed over the decade.

But she found her passion in graphic designing. Dance became a hobby. She stopped playing instruments long back. And she never found her soulmate. But, Past Her was right about one thing - there was always time for everything. Even if so much had changed over the years, it showed her growth. It was inevitable that her goals and dreams shifted too.

She still considered her life to be awesome, though. She did get a pet and she did move out. She still procrastinated though - maybe some things didn't change. But all that mattered was that she was happy, even if everything else changed.


How'd you guys like this story? I totally procrastinated it (just like her) but I still love it! Did you guys ever write a letter to your future self? If so, did you achieve everything your past self wanted? And if you could write a letter right now to your future self in two years, what would it say? Post it in a short comment here!

Don't forget to enter my giveaway for a Wattpad shout-out! Thank you for reading my entry & I hope you're having fun with the party! Take care!

Hugs and Chocolates,




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