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Friday, January 13, 2017

Dear Connor,

Don't expect this to be a long letter.

I promised to continue writing to you, and I'm not a liar, so I will keep writing. That's not to say that I actually want to, though.

I would really like to know what gave you the right to say what you did. Yes, you were angry with a specific violinist in your orchestra, I would assume, since your comment was directed at violinists. But it was a terrible thing to say and a terrible thing to put on social media. Complain to your friends, not to the world, about something that could blow over. You putting it online made it available to so many people who could become angry or confused, including me, who has, I believe, never been anything but kind to you.

I don't easily get offended and I don't become angry easily. It takes a lot to push my buttons, and I don't think I have been this upset since my breakup with Kevin, which still remains the angriest I have ever been. I simply do not understand why someone who I have never met would make an accusation against a group of people that he knows I am a part of. It was thoughtless and ill-mannered and had no reason to be put up for the world to see. Ashley tagged me in that post, Connor. Ashley. Don't you think other people, including my friends, saw that? It made it sound like the Thought was directed at me. I did not appreciate it and it did nothing to make me think fondly of you.

Not to say that I stopped considering you a friend, but it did dampen our relationship a bit, don't you think?

I do think I deserve an explanation as to why you quit your orchestra in the first place, prompting that Thought. I hope it's as good as your Pollistore story, because if not then I don't see any reason to forgive you in a reasonable amount of time.


Sydney Porter

**So clearly, Connor did something stupid (for the first time ever, obviously, since he's an angel) and this is part of a special bonus chapter included in the published version of Dear Sydney! I hope you guys liked it.**


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