Alexlightstories Presents: A Brecca Wedding

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Hey guys! Alex Light here. Most of you probably know me from my 2017 Watty Award Winning story "RIVALS" (✔%EF%B8%8F), and I'm excited to share with you a never before seen bonus chapter! When I completed this story last September, the comment I got the most was readers wanting to see a glimpse into Brett and Becca's wedding day. So . . . Enjoy! <3


One year ago, I hung my college graduation gown up in the back of our closet and placed our two caps side-by-side on a wooden shelf in our bedroom

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One year ago, I hung my college graduation gown up in the back of our closet and placed our two caps side-by-side on a wooden shelf in our bedroom. I still stared at them sometimes and wondered how we got here: to this apartment, this life, this rose tattoo on my forearm and engagement ring sparkling on my finger.

I glanced down at my stomach, placed my hand gently on it and rubbed. It was still flat, still empty in a way. But I knew it wouldn't be like this for long. Brett was . . . extremely enthusiastic about children. He wanted five of them, he said. All boys.

I wasn't sure I could handle five mini Bretts running around.

Today, I walked into the church and made my way to the door that had the word Bride engraved into the wood in cursive. My wedding dress hung from a hook on the far wall, and my breath still caught when I looked at it. It was stunning: Crisp white, lace and silk with simple straps. My favourite part was the veil. It swept onto the floor and was decorated with roses, trailing down the fabric and cascading onto the ground.

Brett was going to love it. My goal was to make him cry, even harder than I undoubtedly would.

I finished putting the dress on, only the buttons undone, when a soft knock sounded on the door.

"Come in!" I called. My mother and Cassie walked into the small room, and I met their wide eyes in the mirror.

"You look beautiful," my mom said, tears already forming in her eyes as she rushed towards me and clasped the buttons.

Cassie was nodding quickly, looking stunning in her pale pink dress. "Breathtaking," she said, wiping at her own tear.

The two fussed over my hair, re-curling loose strands and touching up my eye shadow. The ceremony was going to start any minute, and I seemed to forget how to breathe as I slipped into my white heels. I was about to marry Brett. The two of us had only ever witnessed marriages that fall apart and destroy everything in their wake. Could ours really be different? Would we be the ones that lasted?

Yes, I decided. Yes, we would be.

Cassie dashed out of the room quickly to meet Parker, her cheeks still turning pink at the thought of him, even though they've been dating for nearly five years. I stood in the room alone with my mom, who made me feel like the sun was pouring through every wall.

"Are you ready?" she said, reaching out to grab my hand.

I nodded, knowing that if I tried to speak, my makeup would smudge and we'd be stuck in here for another ten minutes fixing it. I could already hear the crowd of people outside, sitting in the pews. I didn't want to keep them waiting longer than they had to.

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