Jami1012 Presents: A Young Adult Romance Preview...

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Hello, Everyone! This is Jami, AKA . I am so excited with this opportunity to interact with all of you through this #WattpadBlockParty! I've been working on a new young adult romance featuring the next generation of the Collins.

The story is titled You Call Me Cause You Want Me. It features Caleb and Ethan Collins who are Nick's and Colton's sons (if you've read my other Collins stories). I'm so excited to share a little preview with you guys. Please let me know what you think!

Also share your thoughts in Instagram with the hashtag #YouCallMe so I can see your posts (@authorjami1012)!

Here's a little summary followed by a little preview...

Caleb Collins is done dating. He is ready to settle down. It all seems like perfect timing when he spots the most beautiful girl he has ever set his eyes on. Who is she? He has never seen her before...problem is his cousin has and she comes with him...

Ethan Collins recently got out of a three-year relationship and he is feeling a bit lost. He thought he was going to be with her forever, though he would never admit that aloud to anyone because he knows how corny it would sound. He realizes he is in his last year of college so might as well enjoy it right? Problem is, he seems to have forgotten how to talk to girls with the exception of one...

Abigail Baker is the new girl though people don't really notice that in college. A person could be going to the same college for three years and still be meeting new people during senior year, especially somewhere like NYU. She decides she likes it right away though she makes that judgment way too soon and she begins to change her mind when she meets her roommate who already hates her for no apparent reason...

Alexa James can't believe her ex is winning the game. She is not hurt that he is moving on...at least that's what she keeps telling herself. She was fine before he made that stupid phone call. He wants war, he's going to get war. She is not going to be the sad little girl he wants to see...not if she can help it...


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BY: JAMI1012


"Hey, Alexa."

"Why are you calling me, Ethan? What do you want?"

"Listen...you're going to the party tonight at Zack's right?"

"I don't know, why?"

"I just—I don't want any unnecessary drama..."

"Just spit it out, Ethan."

"I'm going with this girl that I've been seeing and just wanted you to find out through me."

"And why would I care that you're dating another girl?"

"Alexa, come on, we broke up four months ago—"

"And it's obviously been enough time for you to move on so I don't know what you want me to say."

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