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Hello beautiful people!

Firstly I'd like like to congratulate KellyAnneBlount for the pulling off this amazing and yet again a successful Wattpad Block Party. I honestly never thought I'd be featured here so this is honestly means a lot.

To start us off I'd like to formally introduce myself . My name is Edward Cull- Nah ! That's not it and if you know where that comes from then you my friend know your stuff.

Not many people know my name which adds a bit mystery from my end but I usually get referred to as 'Amazyn'. Okay I'm pulling you leg but you can call me Ru. Which is short for my name and I'd let you guess that.

When I first started writing on Wattpad. I honestly didn't think people will like my books let alone read it and comment. I was on here because I wanted to write and read and escape the world but what I ended up doing is creating my own little world and the ever growing family on here. Last year was honestly amazing when I won ' The Fiction Awards' Which honestly means a hell a lot. This would have been impossible if it wasn't for everyone's love and support.

So on that note - after asking everyone what they'd like me to write about- I present to you a never before seen chapter of 'His Unbroken Ties'. I hope you all like it and share some love and lastly at the bottom I'll answer any questions you may have.

Lets go!

Ammar POV

To love was easy but to honour it, was hard. These were urban tales. A saying uttered by many through the years and in a way I knew why. I hadn't thought about falling in love.

In my field of work falling in love was like accepting to take a grenade in your hand. Knowing any minute now it'd blow up. They say a man is at its weakest when he is in love and for many years I believed that to be true.

It was impossible to love someone so much that you'd sacrifice all that you have; yet as I looked at the woman before me. Sitting quietly, her eyes scanning across the large hall. As if she was lost in the crowd and her eyes was whispering another tale. A tale which no one had the courage to look at. I knew I'd take the grenade wholeheartedly- for her I'd die

I felt my eyes scan over the woman again, sitting opposite me. The yellow dress bringing the gold sunset in her eyes to life. A loose veil remained across her raven hair as she tried keeping it in lace but it wasn't agreeing with her.

Her eyes were decorated with dark eyeliner and her lips now a pink shade. A few loose strands fell at the side of her face and it took everything within me to not reach forward and brush it aside.

I could do it easily and no one would question. She was my wife after all; but I knew more than anyone that to her. It was just a title.

Aazeen wasn't the kind of woman to say it to your face. To show you her disapproval of something and I fear deep down that someone would one day take advantage of her that way.

She accepted everything and anything that came in her way; but I didn't want to be like one those people. Who would take advantage of her. I wanted her to voice her opinions, to tell me about the things she likes and dislikes but as I felt her eyes flicker towards me in that moment and look away. I knew that it'd take us a very long time to reach that stage.

"What's gotten you so quiet?" A voice spoke beside me, making me look up seeing a grinning Zayed beside me.
His pearly white teeth flashing like a goof as he brushed his hair backwards, one of his many moves in attracting some attention to him. Which didn't quite help as his wife sat opposite him.

Dressed in a brown suit the man wore the finest and one would think he had everything in his life but little do we know. Judging a book by its cover does not tell the entire story.

"Nothing just looking" I spoke brushing his questioning look seeing the man giving me a knowing grin. As if to say 'I know you all too well '

" That's her isn't it. The one you wanted from all those years ago. The one you've loved" Zayed grinned making me sit upwards a little. Feeling a wave of emotions run through me hearing those words spoken out loud. It didn't quite register when someone else said it and if Zayed knew - would Aazeen know as well!

" Relax bro! I doubt she knows, beside from just looking at her. She looks utterly uncomfortable and one of the reasons may be my wife" Zayed spoke staring at his wife Kinza who spoke enthusiastically about something as Aazeen smiled at her politely here and there. Yet it looked as though her mind was registered somewhere else.

She looked worried. You could easily tell from her body language and the way she sat beside Kinza and the sad thing was, I didn't know why.

" Aazeen don't you miss London. I once went with Zayed on our honeymoon amongst other places but I loved it there. By the way where did you and Ammar go?" Kinza asked as she took a bite from her warm food. Blowing against the steak.

" We didn't go anywhere" She spoke in a soft innocent voice and that might have been the longest sentence she had uttered this night. Giving Kinza a smile she looked upwards at me before glancing away.

I felt something within tense at the sound of her words. She was right. I hadn't taken her anywhere.

" Are you kidding me Ammar? Zayed listen to your friend. I shall have his ears pulled for this"

Kinza exclaimed rather horrified making Aazeen giggle. The initial shock of Kinza's reaction suddenly dispersed as my eyes landed on Aazeen.

She had her head thrown backwards, her fingers lightly brushing on to her lips. I could see her pearly white teeth as her eyes crinkled with laughter. Her hair strands falling loosely across her face.


I whispered softly. The words coming out on its own and it seemed as though the words hadn't just reached my ears causing Zayed face to snap towards me. An amused smile playing across the man's face yet all I could do was stare at the woman ahead of me.

The smile on her face slowly dispersed as she looked at me. Almost as if she had commited a crime.

" Oh no Sergeant! You're not getting away so easily. I'm going to pull your ears. You're going on honeymoon and that's it" Kinza spoke as Aazeen looked down, shifting uncomfortably from all the attention.

Running a hand through my hair. I grinned at the woman. "Ask the wife. She holds the balls in her court"

I laughed seeing Zayed reach towards his wife's ears, over the table. Covering them before sending me a devilish look.

" There are children here. We don't want to hear about-"

" Oh for god sake grow up! Don't talk about being decent. Aazeen do you know what Ammar made Zayed do on our wedding. He made him wear a freaking Halloween mask"

Kinza spoke pointedly causing an all too familiar memory to resurface. It wasn't exactly my fault Zayed wanted to prank her. Besides what better way than to show her on their wedding night.

" Why?" Aazeen asked a hint of laughter in her words making me lean back and raise my eyebrows at Zayed, who wore the same expression as me.

" Jaanana he wanted to prank her. To see if he was still good looking to her" I winked at the woman seeing her face turn scarlett whilst Kinza rolled her eyes dramatically.

" Look at Ammar. Calling his wife all these cute names in Pashto and the only thing you call me in punjabi is a 'Churel-"

" Witch"

Kinza translated giving me heads up. I could feel the chuckle rip from my mouth wondering why on earth he called her that. That was horrible.

" Zayed I've taught you better"

" Yeah sure! And let's not talk about what you call me"

The two continued bickering through the night. Back and forth on who called what worse names. Yet as each moment passed I always felt my eyes landing on my wife.

She looked so carefree now. So at ease almost as if she was happy here, with me, with my friends. It almost felt she was accepting everything.

" Ammar it's been great seeing you. Me and Kinza need to go though. Taking the woman to Singapore for some fashion show she's holding" Zayed spoke patting my back as he embraced me.

" Take it easy. She likes you but she doesn't know how to express it" Zayed whispered next to me as I nodded seeing him take a step back and walk towards their car with Kinza who was giving Aazeen a hug.

" Kinza I'll see you when you come back now let my wife go. You're scaring her" I spoke seeing the woman flash me her middle finger and walk off. Laughing along the way.

" Don't be mean to her" Aazeen grinned waving at Kinza who now had her shades on. Waving like the diva she was. I swear I wonder how she became such a prestigious designer, half of the time she has her marbles lost.

"I can't let anyone steal you again" I flashed her a grin seeing the woman shake her head and walk around the car.

" So Aazeen how was our 'Double date?'" I grinned seeing the woman flash me a knowing smile. Shaking her head she glanced down at her hands and specifically on her wedding ring.

"It was good" She replied softly making me smile. Not expecting her to reply back. She hardly ever did. Yet tonight she was coming out of her shell. Which was good - great in fact but how long for.

" We haven't been on our honeymoon you know" I spoke seeing her cheeks turn scarlett as she waved me off.

" I'm sure we'll live besides we can use that money on something useful" She spoke making me stop the car abruptly seeing the woman fall forward slightly.

" Are you saying spending time with me isn't useful?" I asked seriously seeing the laughter in her eyes immediately wash away. Her face paling. Shaking her head innocently I grinned at her reaction. God, she was so gullible.

" N-No I didn't mean it like that. I'm sorry " She spoke defensively cowering back in to her seat making me tense. Something within turning at her reaction.

" Aazeen hey. I'm just messing with you. I wouldn't think like that - look at me" I spoke reaching towards her chin and pulling her face upwards slowly.

" I didn't know" She admitted her large hazel eyes landing on mine. The intensity in them knocking the breath out of me.

" You could kill me and I wouldn't be angry at-"

" Stop talking like that. I can't lose you too" She whispered almost to herself. As if she was too scared to admit it to me and a part of me felt like a complete idiot bringing such a touchy subject.

Whether I like to admit it or not, she had lost her first husband who she loved and not to mention her sister as well. Despite how much I wanted to pretend she was all mine; I knew more than anyone a part of her will always be with Yaseen.

Just thinking of that, an unknown feeling crept in my insides. Pulling tightly on to steering I gave the woman a quick look seeing her lean back now. Her fingers covering her mouth.

" You okay?" I asked casually seeing her nod. A soft sigh escaped her making her sit upwards. As if she was clinging to an unknown tale not having the courage to speak up.

The silence slowly crept up on us making me reach forward and turn the radio on. Hearing a familiar voice singing in the background.

I was about ask her again when the sound of my phone ringing echoed across the car. Leaning upwards I pressed on to loud speakers hearing my mother's familiar voice speak.

" Ammar my darling! Where are you? How's Aazeen?" She asked making me smile seeing her photo pop up on the phone.

" Hey Ma. I'm good Aazeen is here, she's good too" I grinned hearing my mothers laughter reach my ears.

" That's good my son. Listen your father wanted to see you and you haven't been to see us. I know you're in town. So come tonight we're having a family dinner" She spoke excitedly, her giddy words echoing across my ears. Glancing at my watch I knew if we left for Mums, we'll make it by ten.

Glancing at Aazeen she gave me a encouraging smile making me grin.

" Your wish is my command" I spoke hearing my mother laugh before she ended the call. Reaching towards the radio a soft song came on as we made our way through the desert.

Throughout the whole ride Aazeen kept quiet and a part of me wondered whether it was because we were going to mums.

" Ammar I want to go back home" She spoke making my head snap towards the woman. A sudden stinging pain reached through my insides seeing the woman's eyes trained on me. Her face mixed with emotions.

God, she was going to be the death of me.

" What do you mean? Are you not happy with me?" I asked my words coming out a little stronger than intended yet I knew deep insides I felt something crumbling.

What was she doing to me.

" No I mean. I want to go back home for a while. I have to go" She spoke her voice trailing off and her eyes averting away from me.

What happened. She was all okay a minute ago. This woman's mood were like a pendelium changing every moment.

" Aazeen I don't own a private jet so I can't take you now. Give me a while and I'll book your tickets. We'll go London together"

I spoke seeing the car running through the night sky. Almost chasing the stars.

" I don't want to go London. I mean home, Pakistan. I want to go on my own. I'll pay for my own tickets I don't want your money" She spoke making my eyes widen not believing the words coming out of this woman's mouth. What was she on.

" Aazeen what's wrong with you. If you didn't want to go with me to mums you should have told me" I spoke seeing the woman shake her head and turn away.

" It's easy for you to go anywhere, your mum is in the same place as you. Mine is across the seven seas. And you knew I didn't want to go out today"

She spoke a little louder and for that moment I was utterly stunned, unable to say anything. It felt as though the woman had striked me across the face. She never raised her voice on anyone.

" What's so fucking special about today" I muttered through clenched teeth seeing her eyes widen. A ghost like look flashed across her face before she closed her eyes. Trying to calm her breathing.

" Nothing. I'm sorry I shouldn't have spoken to you in that manner" She spoke looking away from me. Utterly confused at her sudden mood swings. What was making her so upset.

Aazeen never spoke like this to anyone. Then again, she is human. She's bound to snap once in a while.

Groaning I felt my fingers brush through my hair. Feeling utterly shit for snapping at her. There must be a reason why Aazeen was so upset today.

She was right, I didn't pay much attention to her and didn't even ask if she wanted to go out tonight. Kinza and Zayed announced last minute they were coming.

" Aazeen I'm sorry. Babe I didn't mean to snap. Tell me what's wrong?" I asked seeing the familiar villa come to view. The golden gates were immediately opened with a buzz as I drove the car down the patio and towards the other cars parked.

Inhaling a sharp breath I stared at the woman who now reached towards the door. As if she couldn't stay any minute longer.. with me.

Stepping out of the car I stared the woman round the car. Wrapping the shawl around her thin form she walked towards the double doors before knocking on to it.

She was utterly crazy and I fucking loved her for that.

Locking the car I followed after her seeing one of the maids open the the door and greet us.

Reaching towards her hand. I found my fingers wrapping around hers as she gave me puzzled look. Brushing it aside, I smiled at the maid, Lola, and walked inside knowing all too well, everyone would be focusing on us.

It was no brainer. I married Aazeen against everyone's wishes. They'd be bound to remense their displeasure. Mum and dad didn't mind much, it was the rest of the family that weren't accustomed to the idea.

To be very fair I could care less but what I did care was, when it mattered Aazeen. Which it always did.

" Aazeen behave little tigress" I chuckled seeing the woman look down and shake her head. I could see the woman breath sharply making me hold her hand a little tighter.

" You'll be okay Janaana. Breath. Let's forget what happened in the car before and act all cool" I whispered just as we stepped inside the large room seeing it packed with everybody. I was slightly overwhelmed by how many people there were. Wondering now, what Aazeen reaction may be.

" Ammar is here" My mum called out as she rushed towards me and I was soon swarmed with my family greeting me and Aazeen.

It took me a good ten mintes to greet everyone before I found myself sitting down with my sisters. Aazeen sat across me next to my mother who was speaking to her. Smiling from time to time.

" You can look at Aazeen all you want. Tell me Loverboy when can we expect a niece or nephew?" Helen asked grinning like a goof. Reaching towards her hair I messed it up knowing the Twenty-Two year old was very serious about her hair.

" You should finish kindergarten first before reciting on how and when I should have children " I muttered seeing her roll her eyes dramatically.

" Oh shut up. You're getting old and trust me you'll be a grandad age when your kids are grown up" She spoke sassy clicking her finger to add the extra drama.

" I'm Twenty-Seven now shut up. You'll give Aazeen a heart failure" I spoke seeing Nazeen walk towards me. Her huge smile warming up my heart.

" How's my Prince?" She asked sitting next to me. Hugging me tightly I felt my sister pull on to my cheek and despite being six years older than me. She insisted on treating me like a child. Talk about evolving ones independence.

" I'm good just telling Helen how she needs to back off and get married now. She's getting old" I grinned seeing her flip me the bird.

" Where's Salahuddin and Hussain?" I asked Nazeen hearing the woman explain how Hussain was still in Australia and Salahuddin on some internship in Qatar.

"Naz tell this guy how he's going to be old when his kids grow up. He needs to have them now" Helen spoke making Nazeen roll her eyes.

I did, many times think of Aazeens swollen stomach. The idea of her carrying my child but I knew, that it'd take us a good while before she even accepted our marriage.

" She's right through Ammar. You need to have kids soon. You're not getting young" Nazeen agreed making me groan. This is not what I came here for.

I could feel my sudden frustration turn livid at the sound of my aunt speaking. Her voice echoing across the large hall.

" Can your wife conceive. I mean she was married before and she didn't have anything" The words that were meant for me, now echoed across the packed hall filled with men and women.

A pin drop silence fell across us. At loss for words, my world halted for that moment seeing the horrified look on Aazeen's face. If possible she shrinked in her chair as if the world was swallowing her up.

" Aunt Feroza stop" Helen hissed causing the woman to throw her hands up dramatically and shake her head but what use was it now. The damage was already done.

It didn't quite help Aazeen was already emotional from today's scene. This was the last thing I excepted to happen tonight.

" Feroza there's no need to talk about my daughter in-law in such manner" Mum defended as my eyes remained glued on my wife. A sickening feeling crept down my stomach as I stared at her by the passing minute. Seeing her face turn ashen and she could have got up and easily left yet she remained.

She was strong.

" You may be delighted to find out in fact Aunt Feroza that not all of us are desperate to have children at young age" I spoke all the whilst having my eyes trained on my wife.

" If when Aazeen and I have children. It's be between the two of us. We don't need people poking noses in our business" I spoke in the very same monotone voice. Knowing if I glanced at the older woman I'd lose my cool.

Aazeen who was staring at me from the other end shook her head lightly. As if to indicate to stay quiet which fuelled my anger further. She didn't know these people. They'd devour her innocent heart.

" I am speaking the truth for your benefit" The older woman muttered. Closing my eyes I felt goosebumps run down my body and an overwhelming anger which remained hidden resurface. Turning my head in a circular motion I stood up.

" Aazeen get up. We're leaving" My loud voice was almost unrecognisable as I stared at my wife who gave me a hard look but I wasn't in the mood for games. She was coming whether she liked it or not.

" Come Aazeen let's go"

• • •

Aazeen POV

I could feel my heart on fire. A simple thing such as breathing became abnormal and all I could think of that moment was. I was drowning.

Hundreds of eyes were plastered on me as if their scorching stares were pulling me down the hollow pits of darkness. Forcing me in cold water to drown and there was nothing I could do.

A flatline like echoe swirled through my ears as I felt my eyes landing on Ammar. As if my eyes had a mind of its own and would look at him through the crowd.

The navy blue suit he wore somehow made his kind eyes now look dark and stormy. The rough looking stubble across his jaw made him look even more intimidating. A certain trait Ammar always hid.

The thought immediately vanished as I felt a nudge beside me. Glancing to the side my eyes reached towards Gul-Jaan, Ammar's mother, whose face had now turned pale.

Following where her eyes were trailing towards, I too, felt my gaze widening in horror seeing Ammar stand. His face held no emotion as he stood swiftly staring at me hardly.

His jaw remained clenched and he took long strides towards me, now towering my figure.

"Come Aazeen let's go" He uttered with not a single emotion in his words. " Ammar stop. Everyone's looking" I urged, whispering to the man seeing his face harden.

" Don't force me to pick you up. Let's go" He spoke harshly only for my hearing and whilst the whole room stared at us. All that mattered was the man standing in front of me.

" Ammar son let it go. You've come this far" His mum urged but he remained stubborn not listening to anyone. Despite not wanting to look at the people whose faces now represented utter resentment. I couldn't help but look at the older woman.

How could she say that. Did she have no ounce of respect.

" Let him go Jaan. He's slowly become a lap dog" The woman, Feroza spoke and that sent something off within Ammar. His face turned utterly livid and before I could register. His large hand gripped tightly on to mine and we were down the hallway hearing people call from behind. Urging to stop.

" Ammar stop. You're hurting me, please stop" I cried out against his hold seeing his silhouette through the now dark hallway and before I knew.

We were both standing outside a secluded part of the villa. At the far end which led between the garden and the backdoor towards the house.

"Let me go" I pushed against the man and with an unknown force I felt him push me against the wall.

Astonished by his strength my heart suddenly turned more erratic. He hadn't ever been so angry, so livid, yet as I felt my eyes flickering across the man. He was almost unrecognisable.

" You're acting like a barbarian" I seethed seeing his eyes flare through the dim fairylights across the garden and the moonlight staring down at us.

" And you're not listening" he muttered glaring down at me. Frowning at the man I tried to move his hands but they're were like a steel grip on mine.

" Y-You can't just force me to do something. I'm not a doll" I spat seeing his jaw tick. Maybe that wasn't a good thing to say right now. He looked like an untamed lion right now.

"You're damn right but you're also my wife. You really want to go, then go ahead see what they do to you" He muttered as if I was naive. As if didn't know exactly how his family was.

" That's not the point Ammar. What are they going to think" I spoke trying to reason with the man. Hoping he would see sense and realise what he did was just foolish.

" You can't just walk away from everything. You'll have to face them someday" I spoke softly seeing a spark in his eyes. As if he knew there was more to what I was saying. That there was a double meaning to it.

" What she said about you was sick. You don't know those people. They think with power and money. They don't give a damn for self respect"

He stressed, running a hand through his hair. Pulling on to it he pushed it back before looking down at me again. His brown eyes almost shinning like a halo through the dark, under the moonlight.

How was he so caring. Why did he have to be like this. As if I was the world to him.

"I know Ammar but it's okay. They're elders" I answered trying to make him see. Face palming himself he slammed his fists just above the wall. Making me jump up in fright.

" Stop taking their side. Aazeen no one, except my sisters and parents wanted me to marry you. They think it's a whole sham and I swear to God, I can't wait to show them one day"

He growled animalistic making my eyes widen. I could feel the blood rush towards my head. My fingertips turning icy cold. What was he getting at?

" And how will you prove to the world?" I questioned at the stupidity coming out of his mouth. The once angry look on his face immediately washed away, for a second split moment as he stared at me. His lips curving in to a smile.

What was this man on.

" What?" I asked again seeing him shake his head and run his hand past his jaw before doing the same to the back of his neck.

" You'll find out one day" He grinned me a pearly smile making me frown. What was he trying to say. I shall never know what runs through his head most of the time.

" Your mood swings are giving me a whiplash. Weren't you about tear the world apart about a minute ago?" I asked exasperated seeing a serious look on his face.

Here we go again.

" Aazeen look. The bottom line is, don't think everyone will be good in this world. Let it be. Let's go home "

" I don't think that's possible. You literally made a soap opera inside there a few minutes ago. Go in and apologise" I said crossing my arms seeing the man shake his head. An annoyed look on his face.

" I will when she apologies for calling you infertile. She doesn't know what bear she's poking" He muttered as he reached towards my face. His warm hand brushing my cheek slowly. As though this was the very first time he was seeing me.

" You don't get it Aazeen. You'll never get how much you mean to me" He spoke as he took a step backwards. His eyes trained on me throughout. Making an all too familiar memory flash before me.

I could feel my breathing coming out short seeing the bright moonlight shinning across his face; and the navy blue suit bringing his eyes to life.

" How much?" I whispered almost to myself, fearing the words he would utter, as the man before me smiled and shook his head. Causing a few hair strands to fall easily across his face.

" Beyond infinity"

He whispered and it felt as though someone had smacked me across the face. As the same words replied in my ears again. The very same words that were uttered five years ago, by Yaseen.

I felt the world around me rush down. Pulling me tightly and in that moment the tears couldn't be stopped. I felt them rushing down uncontrollably.

" Aazeen?" Ammar spoke, his words torn as he walked towards me and I knew this was first time he had ever seen me cry so openly. Though I couldn't help the tears. These tears had been caged for far too long.

" Take me home?"

And he did. He drove in the middle of the night despite everyone pleas. He drove as fast as he could just to take me home. And slowly I was realising where home now really lay.

Just as the car came to a stop. I felt the breath I was holding now realising. My eyes now trained ahead at the large gates to our home. The car engine stopped as we sat under the star filled sky. Bearing witness to our tale and I spoke to him, openly ever since we married, six months ago.

" They died today. Full five years ago. Beyond infinity is what he said to me before he too left" I spoke my words breaking, feeling warm tears trail down, and for that moment I was unable to speak. To say anything but I knew I had to. I wouldn't be quiet now.

" The reason why I didn't have children is well - Yaseen said I was too young. That I needed to live a little. If we did have children. I wouldn't be here with you, we wouldn't be here"

I spoke truthfully seeing an unknown look flash across the man's face as he turned away and looked ahead. His jaw clenching tightly. His handsome face now turning utterly emotionless.

Staring at the wedding ring across my finger I felt my finger tips brush against the diamond and the gold around it.

" You're a good person. You're good to me but even I know you could have married someone far better. Someone who didn't weigh such pain"

I reached towards his hand seeing the man tense. His eyes snapping towards me. Holding on to my hand he brought it towards his lips. Pressing a soft kiss against it.

" I know yet I still married you. One day you'll know why. Aazeen I wasn't lying about beyond infinity. I mean it" He spoke as he reached forward. His fingers brushing away the warm tears.

" I won't leave you Aazeen. For as long as I live - I'll always be here and no one can do a single damn thing about it"

He grinned at the end making me smile and shake my head. Cupping my face, I felt my breathing halting seeing the man slowly lean in and place a kiss on my cheeks.

His stubble brushing past my skin. Making it tickle.

" You're absolutely beautiful Aazeen. This -" He spoke placing his hand on my beating heart.

" You're heart is too kind Aazeen and this is why. The world can say whatever they want to. But in the end, it's just me and you" He murmured placing another kiss on my cheek making my throat tighten. Feeling warm tears blur at his words.

Moving away from the man, I stepped out of the car feeling the midnight chill ran down my spine. Walking towards the front door.

I stopped all of a sudden seeing Ammar turn the headlights on to his car.

Glancing over my shoulder at the man, I felt a smile on my face after all the tears seeing the man send me a wink. And as usual run his hand through his hair, allowing a few strands to fall on his face, which nowadays left me in short for breath.

And I knew, despite it all. We'll be okay. Turning around towards the door. I heard Ammar calling from behind. As if he was a teenager again. His loud words echoing across the midnight air.

" Ai Janaana. Infinity has got nothing on us. It'll always be you "

• • •

And that was that. I thought I'd write a never before seen chapter. A little closer look in to Ammar and Aazeen's life, as requested by many of you.

I really hope you all liked it. I know I've been away for a while from writing, the good news, I'll be finishing Zachary but after that I'll be taking a break for a while.

If you have any questions for any of the characters or even me. You can ask here and I'll sure answer it for you.


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