SallyMason1 Presents: Sneak Peek of War Orphan-A Tomás Araya Story

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Hi everyone!

I'm Sal, also known as SallyMason1 here on Wattpad. I'm thrilled that KellyAnneBlount invited me for this Summer's Block Party and thank you for putting this together. Your Block Parties are always the best.

So what do I have for you today?

For the release of War Bride, I'm planning on an accompanying novella which is called War OrphanA Tomás Araya Story. For the Block Party, you get an exclusive sneak peek of the prologue, told through the eyes of Tomás's mother, Maria. Media is one of the best violinist of our times—Lindsey Stirling with My Immortal (her songs were my inspiration for choosing the violin for Tomás). Enjoy!


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A cool breeze plays with Maria's hair as she waits for the lynch mob. Standing on the terrace of her house situated on what the locals call Forbidden Hills, her eyes rest on the far-away mountains. Their tips are covered in the crimson red of the setting sun as dark shadows of nightfall reach for her. In a couple of weeks, snow will cover those mountain tops—something she will not get to enjoy.

A small hand pulls at her sweater. "Mamá, I'm scared."

With the fond smile, she tousles the hair of her five-year old son. "Don't be, Mateo. It will be over soon."

"Will they hurt us?"

For a second, her gaze flits to Tomás. He is absorbed in pushing his little horse across the floor, the clicking sounds of his tongue mimicking the hooves as they hit the wood. "No one will hurt you. Or your brother." The words are spoken through rising tears. How can she be sure? In times of war, promises are for the foolish.

The door opens and closes again with only a low thud. Yolanda is even paler than usual as she steps onto the terrace. Just a little over six months ago, in this very spot, Maria had braided her daughter's hair for her wedding. As customary among the leading families of Malaguay, the marriage was arranged, but Maria could feel Yolanda's deep love for her future husband. They didn't take long to start their own family. Though the baby bump isn't visible under Yolanda's loose floating blouse, Maria knows it's there. She was beyond excited when she first learned the news—now, she will never get to see her grandchild. Their whole future went to pieces in a matter of hours.

With the same fond smile she gave Mateo, Maria tucks a few strands of her daughter's long hair behind the girl's ear. "It's time, Yolanda. Take your brothers to the orphanage."

Tears glisten in Yolanda's eyes. "What if there isn't any space for them? I mean, as their sister, I'm supposed to keep them."

"Don't worry, Pearson won't turn you away. Your brothers will be safe with him."

Yolanda nods. There is no other solution. If the boys stay with Maria, chances are they will be executed alongside their parents.

Tears roll down Mateo's face when Maria pulls him into a tight hug. "You be a good boy now, you hear. And promise me you'll take care of your brother."

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