linaxwrites Presents: THE CORTEZ BOYS Preview + Covers!

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Hiiii everyone!

I'm linaxwrites (some of you might know me as Lina or Lina Laurine and some of you might not know me at all but hopefully you will after this post) and I'm sooo excited and lucky to be a part of this! Thank you Kelly for giving me the opportunity :)

Let's get to the point already because that's why we're all here, isn't it: THE CORTEZ BOYS. Some of you might have read my book "How To Survive A Reckless Boy" (if you haven't don't worry, the books presented here will be standalones with no previous reading required) and if you did, you might also have read one of the author's notes where I said I would be writing a spin-off about Faye and Miles' twins boys.

This is it.

I have already made the three (yes 3 books!!!) covers, planned out most of the plots and even started writing the first book: "Jack".

Unfortunately, I won't be able to publish and start updating "Jack" until later this year because I want to finish my ongoing books first. Believe me when I say it's a struggle to have several ongoing works published. But I thought I'd at least give you a small sneak peek of the prologue! It might not say much about the book but I still hope you'll get excited.

But first! THE COVER!

But first! THE COVER!

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Ahhh there it is. Jack Cortez. One of the twins. Face claims are already sorted ;) He's kinda cute with a badass vibe to him. Just like his father lol. (If you haven't read HTSARB, just... ignore the last sentence).

And without further ado, here's the -first draft- prologue:





"Why are you sad, Nat?" I asked, trying with all my might to understand why the girl in front of me was crying. The girl with the prettiest eyes and longest hair I had ever seen. She had come running from up the street a few minutes ago, unable to speak from the tears flowing down her cheeks and her shortage of breath. I gulped and tried to remember what I possibly could have done to make her upset. The thought of hurting her hurt me. "Is it because I ate the last pancake yesterday without asking if you wanted it?"

"No, Jack." Nat shook her head with a sob, tears continuing to spill freely down her puffy, blotchy cheeks. "I'm sad because we're leaving."

"Who's leaving?" I frowned, looking around the neighborhood, as if trying to find an answer to her words.

"My family! Mom and Dad just told me we're moving this afternoon!" Natalya frustratedly kicked at the ground, her small hands balling into fists. "And it's many, many hours away from here. I'll never see you or Henry or Leo again. They told me I couldn't go here to say goodbye but I went anyway."

I suddenly felt my own lip quiver at the thought of losing my best friend that sudden, still not wanting to believe what she said. "But why? Can't you stay with us?"

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